{Disarmed} What we would like Xiaomi to present during 2022

What we would like Xiaomi to present during 2022

The year 2021 has been one of the great years of Xiaomi, but everything is coming to an end and we already have to put our mind on what the brand prepares us for next 2022. With the latest launch of the Xiaomi 12 family presented in China , the Asian firm has registered one of the great years in its history, setting milestones such as becoming the largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world during the month of July or becoming the second largest manufacturer in Europe with a growth of more than 50%.

With all this, it seems that the Asian firm wants to continue growing in the next 2022, and from xiaomist we wanted to make our own bets to tell you what we would like Xiaomi to present in the next year to which you can also join from the section of comments.

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What would Isra Fernández like for Xiaomi to present in 2022

We started this post with our colleague Isra Fernández, a person who cares a lot about his health, and more so in these times: "I have it very clear: a new scale and new smartwatch for athletes who can record their promotions and activities as promised. 2022 should be the year in which Xiaomi punches the table and bets on the high-end by presenting its Mi Watch 2 and even a Pro version of it. It's about time, competitors eat their toast by innovating in improved biometrics and new sensors capable of measuring not only the blood oxygen saturation index or blood pressure, but the crucial glycemic index. "

Xiaomi Watch S1

"As for the scale, you know that the Composition Scale 2 is an imperative of writing, but the fact remains that his two years of life weigh you in terms of cutting edge technology and competence and commitment to cardiovascular tests complete. One new model would sell like hotcakes. "

"And what else? Xiaomi is already doing its homework in the area of ​​smart telephony and we have also seen its ecosystem of routers, headphones and intelligent cleaning and kitchen systems expand. But for asking that it does not remain: I would like 2022 to be the definitive year where Xiaomi brings to Spain its most advanced appliances , such as that washing machine or that air conditioning that I have had my eye on since they appeared on Youpin . "

Finally Xiaomi brings its appliances to Spain: we already have a tentative date and this is what we expect
In xiaomist
Finally Xiaomi brings its appliances to Spain: we already have a tentative date and this is what we expect

What would Álex Fernández like for Xiaomi to present in 2022

We continue with our colleague Álex Fernández, a true home automation freak of our favorite brand: "I am one of those people who really want to have a Xiaomi product everywhere in their home, or at least have that possibility. I think Dishwashers, washing machines or even refrigerators may be products that the company will end up betting on , and hopefully in 2022. On the other hand, I would love for it to bring technology closer to clothing and shoes , which it has withdrawn from the market years ago. market, but they were really striking to be able to count your steps in a simple way and much more precisely than with a bracelet. "

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Shoes

"I also ask 2022 that we can buy, if not all, many of the products that Xiaomi puts on sale on its crowdfinfing platform, Youpin. Although it seems to me that this will have to wait, which is probably my bank account appreciated, but where I could compete face to face with much bigger brands. "

Xiaomi Buds 3

"Finally, I hope that the brand continues to bet on wireless headphones, but this time with a version with noise cancellation that is at the highest level in the other brands , that, and that the photography improves in the cheaper ranges . "

What would Daniel Vega like for Xiaomi to present in 2022

Of course, we could not dismiss this post without knowing what I would like to see Xiaomi present next year, and the truth is that I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, I would love for the Asian firm to launch itself into offering a greater variety when it comes to smart watches, especially in Spain.

Xiaomi Watch Color 2

Today it only offers three models, the Xiaomi Mi Watch , Mi Watch Lite and Redmi Watch 2 Lite and that, in my humble opinion, is somewhat scarce seeing the direct competition it has in this sector. It is true that the first movement has been quite intelligent, leaving its base model under the name Redmi, so everything seems to indicate that next year we will have higher-end Xiaomi watches, but that remains to be confirmed.

Therefore, if the company launches models in different price ranges (less than 100 euros and others for something more than 100 or even a higher price), for my part I would be more than delighted and, in fact, I believe that it will be. seeing the latest movements of the company in the Chinese market, with the launch of the Watch Color 2 and Watch S1 .

Xiaomi Mix Fold
On the other hand, and as I was saying, I have mixed feelings between the latter that I have mentioned and my intense desire that the most revolutionary phones of the brand such as the Xiaomi Mix Fold arrive in our country.

Whenever we see products launched in China, at least in my case it generates a feeling of quite strong envy, since Xiaomi's catalog in Asia is quite different from the one we have in Europe, so I would love for those ties to tighten somewhat. more and let's see other products that we cannot enjoy here.

Which Xiaomi mobile to give for Christmas according to your budget
In xiaomist
Which Xiaomi mobile to give for Christmas according to your budget

Therefore, devices such as the Xiaomi CIVI , Mix Fold or even others such as home appliances or smartphone accessories would be for me a blow on the company's table in our market but, unfortunately, this is still a dream today. Wet that we hope will arrive, although we will have to have a lot of faith for that to happen.

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The news What we would like Xiaomi to present during 2022 was originally published in xiaomist by Daniel Vega .


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