{Disarmed} We take out the crystal ball: these are the MIUI 13 functions that we would like Xiaomi to include

We take out the crystal ball: these are the MIUI 13 functions that we would like Xiaomi to include

MIUI 13 is getting closer and closer, in fact, Xiaomi is already testing it on some phones, although we still do not know all the news that is hidden. We have gathered some colleagues to take out the crystal ball and find out what they would like the most anticipated version of MIUI to include .

The functions we expect from MIUI 13

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Let's see what our colleagues would like to see in MIUI 13:

Dany Vega, Editor at xiaomist :

To tell the truth, what I hope most for MIUI 13 is that Xiaomi manages to correct all the optimization errors that we have been dragging from previous versions. Something that I would also like is that they improve the algorithm for processing the images that we capture with our equipment's cameras, giving the user a less processed "look" that is more easily editable afterwards. And, of course, since we can ask for what we want, a redesign of the interface at an aesthetic level would not be bad at all, especially to have the feeling of an important change in design to improve our interaction with the phone, with less cumbersome menus and an aesthetic adapted to what Android offers us with its software natively.

Isra Fernández, Editor of xiaomist :

What to expect from MIUI 13? Everything and nothing. It is difficult to think of innovative functionalities (until you need them), covering the news daily and being aware of each filtered widget in each compilation, something that does not allow me to get very creative either. But since my thing is music, I do see a clear margin of improvement in which to invest: the player leaves a lot to be desired and MIUI 13 should be able to find, in the style of Spotify and its multi-device synchronization, a way to offer options without muddy the taskbar, redesigning the aesthetics and showing in a more dynamic, pop-up way, the possibility of jumping between specific songs within a playlist. I would also review the compatibility, equalization and synchronization with the entire fleet of Xiaomi headphones, some of which require the installation of the Mi Ai assistant (in Chinese!) In order to get the most out of the dynamic noise cancellation. Here MIUI sins of a certain opacity that confuses new users and I hope that future ROMs will solve it.

Ricardo Aguilar, Editor in Engadget Android and Mobile :

Material You
From MIUI 13 I would like to see the presence of Material You, Google's design language. Xiaomi's ROM has been distancing itself from Android Stock for too many years. Well, having a personality and essence of its own, but all the aesthetic language that characterizes Android is lost.

Jose García, Editor at Xataka :

One of the things I would like about MIUI 13 is that, once and for all, the Chinese company gets rid of the excessive bloatware of its personalization layer and advertising in system applications. I understand the idea and I understand that services of this type are used for the company to generate income through its economic mobile phones, but as a user it does not seem appropriate that as soon as you start the mobile you have eight games and ten apps that I have not requested and that you probably won't end up using.

Enrique Pérez, Editor at Engadget:

Perhaps it is too early for that Xiaomi that bets on the car to offer some special function in MIUI 13, but I do hope that they add support for UltraWideband (UWB) and that it can be used, for example, to use the mobile as a digital key for cars. With the announcement of Android 12 it was commented that Pixel and Samsung Galaxy devices would have this option, I would not be surprised that MIUI 13, anticipating future mobiles that will have UWB, has a section dedicated to this technology.

Ivan Linares, editor of Engadget Android and Engadget Mobile:

Material Theming
I would not ask much more from MIUI 13 apart from the logical improvements in the apps and services included, although I would like Xiaomi to adapt the Material Theming of Android 12 , it seems to me one of the most striking aspects of the system. Although automatic customization is not always effective, the truth is that seeing adapted menus, apps and icons gives a remarkable uniformity to the design of the operating system.Apart from Material Theming, I would like Xiaomi to expand the number of pre-installed apps and games which can be removed from MIUI 13. The layer is getting heavier. And the steps taken in giving the user the option of minimally lightening it need more continuity.

For my part, I would love for them to continue improving the fluidity of the system and making MIUI a lighter layer and similar to Android Stock as it was in its beginnings, a trend that has been abandoning over time. I miss a revolution that takes MIUI to the next level. Also that the problem of the brightness of the screenshots be solved at once, which is an absurd error, but it happens.

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As we can see, most of us ask the same , that MIUI be lighter, that it has less bloatware and that it has new features that make its interface a complete enjoyment. Now we have to wait and see if Xiaomi includes any of the functionalities that we would like so much to include in MIUI 13.

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The news We take out the crystal ball: these are the MIUI 13 functions that we would like Xiaomi to include was originally published on xiaomist by Alejandro Fernández .


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