{Disarmed} This is a Mi Store in Lithuania: the country where Xiaomi was considered a dangerous brand for a couple of days

This is a Mi Store in Lithuania: the country where Xiaomi was considered a dangerous brand for a couple of days

Xiaomi is one of the companies that has become the most popular in recent times. In Spain it is a success, and not because we say so, but because it is number one in sales of smartphones . Just a few days ago we traveled to Lithuania and decided to see what a Mi Store is like and what products we can find there. Will your catalog be different from that of Spain? Let's find out.

The Mi Store is the same everywhere, but the surprise is in the prices

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Keep in mind that this store is located in Kaunas , the second largest city in the country after Vilna, the capital of this country. In this case it was inside a shopping center , specifically in the Akropolis shopping center. We did not have the opportunity to see any at street level, although the facade is usually identical in both formats.

My Store

Before entering the store, it was striking that it had a sticker stuck to the glass announcing discounts for Black Friday , which was just the day we went to meet her.

My Store

The Mi Stores tend to have the same distribution in all parts of the world , shelves on the sides and tables in the middle of the store, although the distribution of the products is quite different.

At the entrance of the store we find the Xiaomi 11T Pro promotional stand before accessing the tables. The price in this case was identical to that which can be purchased in Spain , but we already anticipate that it will not be the case for all products .

If we look at the wall on the left, we find the televisions that Xiaomi has presented just a few days ago, the Q1E range , both 55 and 75 inches . Again, with an identical price to the official one in Spain.

My Store Lithuania

On the smartphone table were the different mobiles, from the Xiaomi 11T to the Mi 11 Lite 5G NE . On the other table, the Redmi. Nothing changed with respect to a Spanish Mi Store , neither the scooters and vacuum cleaners that were located in a module , all together.

My Store

It was striking that, at least in this trade, they used the lower part of the tables to store the boxes of different scooters.

Smart fryer

Now that we knew that the price seemed not to be a difference in most products, we decided to check it out on one of the products that is revolutionizing the kitchen scene the most, the Xiaomi Air Fryer . In this case we find that the fryer cost 84.99 euros on sale , its official price is 89.99 euros. The difference is 10 euros compared to Spain, which means that it is 10% cheaper compared to Spain.

Many products in stock

Beyond the curious fact about the fryer, what really attracted attention is the amount of products they had in store . Perhaps because it was larger than usual, but the stock in the products did not seem to be a problem, something of considerable importance in the midst of the semiconductor crisis.

Mi Store Products

It is striking that there were a few days in which a Lithuanian Minister described Xiaomi as a dangerous company , however, there are several stores spread throughout different parts of the territory. It must also be said that there was no one in the store, other than the clerk, although it was approximately 1:00 pm , lunchtime.

My Store

The store hours were quite long, something striking in these countries, specifically it was from 10 am to 9 pm.

A surprise that we got later, this time walking around Vilnius, was that Xiaomi uses a lot of physical advertising. This time he advertised a brand robot vacuum cleaner on a marquee.

Xiaomi announcement

In general terms, we can see that the brand seems that the product strategy is quite uniform and, despite the prices that must always be adapted to the prices of the different countries, the shopping experience is practically identical, although in Lithuania there are not some platforms such as Amazon, which increases consumption in these types of physical stores.

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This app lets you know if someone has taken your phone without permission

In fact, we thought that the prices were going to vary more, since eating in restaurants does not cost more than 6 euros per plate.

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