{Disarmed} This is all that the Xiaomi Smart Plug does, the Xiaomi smart plug

This is all that the Xiaomi Smart Plug does, the Xiaomi smart plug

The Xiaomi Smart Plug is the company's smart plug. This is very useful to be able to turn traditional devices into smart ones . In this way it is possible to save energy or program a certain appliance for when we want. Now, this one hides many more functions. You will discover them all below.

Despite the fact that smart plugs are becoming more popular thanks to the fact that their price has fallen significantly since their appearance on the market. Currently, the Xiaomi Smart Plug is one of the cheapest smart plugs you can buy.

A very easy plug to configure

Turn on / off ignition

One of the main advantages this has over other smart plugs is that it is very easy to configure. Once you have connected it to your home WiFi network, you can start making the different smart appliances.

It should be noted that despite the fact that at some point the power goes out, it has a memory, so it will remember the WiFi password and automatically reconnect to the network.

Set timers and program appliances


Despite the fact that many household appliances today allow you to program their on and off practically automatically, there are many others that do not. Using the Smart Plug we can not only save on electricity bills, but also create scenes even when away from home.

It should also be taken into account that this device integrates a physical button that you can press to turn the plug on and off manually .

Alexa, turn on the lamp


The Xiaomi Smart Plug is compatible with both Google Assistant and Alexa , in such a way that you can activate by voice the different elements of your home and make those devices that were not compatible with home automation now are.

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Beyond the appliances themselves

Xiaomi Lamp

The Smart Plug is synchronized with Xiaomi Home , the application where Xiaomi concentrates all its smart devices. In this app we find a section called " Automation " through which we can make different devices perform the actions we want through a command. This can be very useful, for example, to turn on a room at once without having to activate device by device.

12 + 1 things you can do with a smart plug
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12 + 1 things you can do with a smart plug

These are the main uses that the Xiaomi smart plug offers . Without a doubt, it offers a lot for its price that we remember that it is only 14.99 euros .

Xiaomi GMR4015GL - Strip

Xiaomi GMR4015GL - Strip

PVP in PcComponentes € 11.56
Today on Amazon for € 13.71
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