{Disarmed} These are the best Xiaomi LED lights to decorate your home with style

These are the best Xiaomi LED lights to decorate your home with style

Christmas is approaching, and this is a very suitable date to decorate our house in the best possible way with the classic tree or even flooding everything with lighting to create a Christmas environment to match. As in almost everything that has to do with technology, Xiaomi has its option for sale, and this is precisely the case of the different alternatives that we bring you today to be able to illuminate your home at the lowest possible price.

The Asian firm offers from RGB smart bulbs to the classic LED light strips, which will come in handy when it comes to being able to fully customize the lighting of our house with different colors and, also, without having to spend too much.

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Mi LED Smart Bulb, Xiaomi's RGB bulb

And we begin this small compilation of products to illuminate our home in a personalized way with the Mi LED Smart Bulb , the Xiaomi smart bulb that has the particularity of being able to configure its color to our liking easily from the Mi application. Home .

Mi Led Smart Bulb White And Color

Of course, these bulbs are of the LED type and also, they bring with them intelligent functions, which in the long run will be of great help in order to have a lower energy consumption. This product is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant through its WiFi connection and also offers up to 9W of power with 600 lumen and 11 years of useful life according to Xiaomi itself.

And what about its price? Well, we will be able to get each unit of this device for 19.99 euros , and it is even quite easy to find some packs of two bulbs with which we can save a little money.

Mi Mi LED Smart Bulb White and Color Bulb E27, 10 W, 2

Mi Mi LED Smart Bulb White and Color Bulb E27, 10 W, 2

RRP in Xiaomi Spain € 19.99
Today on Amazon for € 40.64 PVP in Pc Components € 39.99

Xiaomi Yeelight Lightstrip Plus

Of course, we could not leave out one of the most recommended options within the Xiaomi ecosystem to decorate your home as it deserves, and this is none other than the Xiaomi Yeelight Lightstrip Plus.

Yeelight Lightstrip Plus

In this case, we are talking about an LED strip that reaches two meters in length and that has the particularity of being compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon's Alexa , in addition to being able to control them through the Mi Home software for synchronization with other products. Xiaomi or its color settings or remote on off.

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In xiaomist
Xiaomi device buying guide to save and control spending on the new electricity bill

This product can be purchased for just 31.47 euros , thus becoming a great option to be able to place high-quality lighting and low consumption in any part of our house thanks to a minimalist and functional design.

Xiaomi Yeelight Lightstrip Plus

Xiaomi Yeelight Lightstrip Plus

PVP in Pc Components € 31.47
Today on Amazon for € 38.64 RRP at Fnac € 38.99

If you fall short, you can always choose to extend the length of the Yeelight Lightstrip Plus

As we have mentioned, the length that Xiaomi incorporates in its Yeelight Lightstrip Plus is two meters but, thanks to some extensions that we can buy for just eight euros , we will be able to increase that length to a maximum of ten meters in a simple way. .

Yeelight Lightstrip Plus Extension

The mechanism is very simple: we only have to join the male and female connectors that we find both in the extension and in the product itself and, in this way, we can expand the lighting capabilities in any part of our house in a simple way and, on everything, economical.

Xiaomi GPX4015RT, 2.1 W, Lightstrip Plus

Xiaomi GPX4015RT, 2.1 W, Lightstrip Plus

Today on Amazon for € 8.06
Price in Pc Components € 8.06 Price in El Corte Inglés € 8.09

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