{Disarmed} "Simultaneous transliteration": Xiaomi registers a new patent on this futuristic device

The myth of Babel, the tower of a thousand languages ​​and its subsequent condemnation of non-understanding, may be put on hold thanks to a new device that Xiaomi is developing. Under the registration number CN113726952A, it is actually a "Method and device of simultaneous interpretation, electronic equipment and storage media during calls".

In its practical application, it could, in fact, be a multi-system application or a new tool for MIUI capable of analyzing user calls and making a simultaneous interpretation from the original voice.

An interpreter on your Xiaomi


As indicated by ItHome , this patent registration was made on November 30 that would establish a translation method through an additional transliteration link to translate the original voice of the sending user , so that the receiver can choose to listen between the voice original or translated transliteration.

It almost seems like a science fiction invention, one of those Doraemon inventions that completely nullifies all forms of isolation between people. However, there are already applications and simultaneous translators that operate with irregular success. In this case it would be the terminal itself which would create the transliteration.

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However, it must be remembered that this is not the first attempt. Xiaomi already had an approach to this technology by creating the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Translator, a small device prepared to translate on the fly between 18 languages ​​and capable of delayed translating up to 170 languages.

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Apparently and as it appears in the patent, the methodology would be the following:

  • In case the local call terminal sends or receives the call establishment request, an original voice call link is created from the mobile that is establishing the local call;
  • Detecting that the simultaneous interpretation function of the local call terminal is activated creates a transliteration link.
  • The tool interprets the original voice of the user and the receiver receives the translation on his device.
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