{Disarmed} Roidmi Smart Floor Scrubber NEO: Wet Vacuum Cleaner

Since the advent of the Roborock Dyad , wet cleaning vacuums have become increasingly popular. In fact, the latest Xiaomi novelty has recently been presented on YouPin, and it is the Smart Floor Scrubber NEO .

Roidmi Smart Floor Scrubber NEO

Roidmi Water Absorbing Vacuum Cleaner

Roidmi, a company known for its production of gadgets for the home, has invested in this type of technology in its devices; and that allows us to vacuum the floor while scrubbing .

  • Surely you remember it from the Roidmi 2S for the car!

Roidmi Smart Floor Scrubber NEO What are its features and functions?

It has the ability to suck up liquids, thanks to its new improved roller that optimizes the effectiveness of cleaning the floor surface , in addition to leaving it disinfected.

roidmi vacuum cleaner for water

This is done with its double tank, which translates into a total of 720 ml of water . With this, the cleaning autonomy is up to 150 square meters.

Also, to improve scrubbing ability, Roidmi's NEO Smart Floor Scrubber features a dispenser that removes dry stains , including a roller to remove even the toughest ones. On the other hand, the spindle motor has the capacity to reach 700 rpm; this, together with the quality of the device's bristles, means a thorough cleaning.

The new Roidmi Smart Floor Scrubber NEO also has the possibility of offering optimal cleaning without having to add any type of soap or detergent. And still, it eliminates up to 99% of germs and bad odors .

Roidmi Smart Floor

Inside, we find a 250 W motor, which produces a suction of 60,000 rpm . Likewise, it offers us up to three cleaning modes , the sterilization mode , ideal for deep cleaning; the intelligent mode , with greater power, due to its sensor that detects dirt on the floor; and finally, the absorption mode , for those times when we need to suck up spilled liquids.

roidmi xiaomi vacuum cleaner with water

To achieve an ideal cleaning, the Roidmi Smart NEO also presents a self-cleaning mode that we can activate at the push of a button, and connected to the charging base. All this is complemented by the voice alert, which sends us notifications if the tank is already full.

Another of its characteristics is that it is powered by a 4,000 mAh battery , which translates into an autonomy of approximately 40 minutes. At the top, we find an OLED screen , where we can choose the mode and check the battery level.

Roidmi hand vacuum cleaner operation video

What is the price and availability of the Roidmi Smart Floor Scrubber NEO Handheld Vacuum?

Today, the Roidmi Smart Floor Scrubber NEO can only be found on the crowdfunding platform on Youpin for a price of 1,999 yuan, 280 euros at the exchange rate .

Hopefully Roidmi launches this great handheld vacuum globally and we can buy it soon.


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