{Disarmed} Night Owl 2.0: the great secret of the Xiaomi 12 Pro to obtain spectacular night photographs

Night Owl 2.0: the great secret of the Xiaomi 12 Pro to obtain spectacular night photographs

As many of you will remember, back in April 2021 Xiaomi presented its new Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra and Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro in society, two high-end devices that hid inside a novelty called "Night Owl" , an algorithm of image processing focused on achieving better results when it comes to night photography.

Apparently, the company has continued working on improving this algorithm and precisely in the presentation of the new Xiaomi 12 Pro it presented us with the one known as "Night Owl 2.0" , an important improvement with respect to the first version that incorporates novelties specially designed to achieve a superior photographic result in low light conditions.

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An algorithm designed to get the most out of the camera of the new Xiaomi 12 Pro

To put ourselves in context a bit, we must remember the camera configuration mounted on the new Xiaomi 12 Pro, in which we find a 50-megapixel SONY IMX707 main sensor, a 50-megapixel wide-angle lens and a third 50-megapixel telephoto sensor. , which are responsible for collecting all the information from our photographs.

Thanks to the high sensitivity to light of these sensors, Xiaomi has managed to develop an algorithm that takes advantage of the maximum capabilities of this configuration, being able to use the well-known Night Owl 2.0 in each and every one of its cameras thanks to the amount of information they are able to collect.

Night Owl 2 0 1

The great novelty of this second generation of Night Owl is the performance of these cameras with portrait mode in low light conditions, improving the HDR capacity of the results and achieving better control in highlights to obtain a much more balanced photograph in the different parts that compose it, so the captures will be clearer and sharper without causing noise to be introduced into the image.

Something interesting that this algorithm also benefits from is the new functionality called Cyber ​​Focus , a tool thanks to which the Xiaomi 12 Pro is able to capture moving images more quickly regardless of whether or not the subject is still. , something that takes advantage of the algorithm to be able to work with greater margin when obtaining a result above normal.

Night Owl 2 0 2

Therefore, this new generation of Night Owl adds capabilities to a tool that already produced quite surprising results that we could see in the Xiaomi 11 Ultra , thanks to the improved image stabilization introduced and other elements such as the capture of up to eight photos simultaneously with an EV0 exposure value that, combined, could yield better performance in difficult lighting conditions.

Xiaomi CyberFocus is much more than Apple's centered framing (and rebuilds your skin color pixel by pixel)
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Xiaomi CyberFocus is much more than Apple's centered framing (and rebuilds your skin color pixel by pixel)

Of course, unfortunately we will have to wait to be able to test this new functionality since, at least for now, it has only been presented exclusively for the new Xiaomi 12 Pro and it is not known if this device will end up leaving the borders of China.

Night Owl 2 0 3

What is clear is that Xiaomi is investing a lot of effort in improving the computational photography that it incorporates in its phones to be able to compete face to face against other brands present in the market. We'll see if this (combined with general improvements in cell phone camera sensors) helps bring the results closer to what we can get with professional cameras.

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