{Disarmed} The MIUI 13 launcher will feature new, although subtle, animations

As the presentation of MIUI 13 approaches, probably in mid-December, Xiaomi continues to reveal new details about the interface of this new version. This time it does it together with a new animation that we will see in the application launcher .

This has been let us know from XIAOMIUI , since apparently Xiaomi has incorporated a new loading animation in the latest MIUI beta , this being one of the news that we will see shortly after the debut of MIUI 13.

New animations come to the MIUI 13 launcher

As we can see below, the application launcher or MIUI launcher has begun to receive new, although subtle, animations . A small change that could lead to a new set of transition and loading effects.

Although, the new animation that we can see in the video is quite basic, so are the details that we will apparently see in MIUI 13 : more minimalist icons and a simpler but clear to understand interface.

In short, a small change that indicates the steps that MIUI 13 will follow and that we will probably finish knowing on December 12 or at the end of the month, on the 28th , as the rumors indicate.


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