{Disarmed} The key to the Xiaomi 12 Pro s camera is not only in the sensor, but in the processor

The key to the Xiaomi 12 Pro's camera is not only in the sensor, but in the processor

The Xiaomi 12 Pro integrates three sensors on the back of 50 megapixels . Although megapixels are not everything, since other factors such as focal aperture, the field of view with which they are compatible or the quality of the lens influence, today we will explain to you how Xiaomi has been able to integrate such a camera. complete on your latest smartphone.

Way beyond sensors

The processor is one of the key points of mobile photography , it is responsible for both processing the image, which is really important, since it is responsible for perfecting the image captured by the sensor, but also for coordinating the image of the different sensors.

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The Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 , which is the processor that includes both the Xiaomi 12 and its Pro version , has improved a lot in this section. This processor called ISP is integrated into the 8 Gen 1 , since it has been improved thanks to the processing of up to 18 bits .

Qualcomm 8 Gen 1

The ISP processors are also housed in traditional cameras , but this time it is directly integrated into the processor. In fact, the fact that the device mounts Sony sensors also has to do with this, since they offer better compatibility and therefore better results.

ISP chip

At 100 million pixels is the limit of the latest Qualcomm chip , which is a very wide margin to be able to coordinate the different images from the cameras and subsequently process them.

Sony and Qualcomm

Keep in mind that Xiaomi has also improved its algorithm called " Night Owl " that it already integrated into other devices, but this time it improves the processing of photographs in low light situations.

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As you can see, there is much more than megapixels in mobile photography and that is why smartphone cameras consume so many resources and even make them heat up , since the demand is very high, despite the fact that in This device is going to be very difficult to see it hot, given the cooling layer that it mounts .

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