{Disarmed} It s official: the new Xiaomi Watch S1 will be presented alongside the Xiaomi 12 and this is all we know about it

It's official: the new Xiaomi Watch S1 will be presented alongside the Xiaomi 12 and this is all we know about it

There are just a few hours left for Xiaomi to present in China its entire new Xiaomi 12 family of which we already know a lot of information but, apparently, this launch will not arrive alone, since the presentation of the new Xiaomi Watch S1 has also been announced, a High-end smartwatch that the company itself has confirmed through a promotional poster that shows part of its design.

At the moment, it is unknown in which range this new device will be located since a few months ago we saw the Xiaomi Watch Color 2 also presented in China which, supposedly, came to replace the first generation of the Xiaomi Mi Watch that we know in our market , so we will have to wait to be able to place this new device within the Xiaomi catalog.

Xiaomi Watch S1, a premium smartwatch with a rounded body

As we tell you, in this first promotional poster of the new Xiaomi Watch S1, the Asian firm has shown us part of its final design, standing out above all because it will have a metallic finish that will provide a premium touch within an aesthetic that remains fairly intact with regarding what we know with the current Xiaomi Mi Watch.

Xiaomi Watch S1 1 3

In addition, it continues to maintain the two physical buttons on its right edge to interact with the interface, finding its greatest novelty in the back, where a speaker is included that, presumably, will be used to make calls or play content stored in memory. device internal.

Another interesting detail that Xiaomi has confirmed is that its front glass will be made of sapphire, so the device's premium orientation is more than evident, in addition to the fact that some leakers such as Xiaomiui have commented that the "S" denomination that we find in its name corresponds to the word "Super", which means that the power and performance of the team will be one of its keys.

Xiaomi Watch S1 1 2

Beyond that we do not have much more information about this new smartwatch that Xiaomi will present in a few hours in China. We will see if, finally, it incorporates an operating system based on Wear OS or not, and even if it can present new functionalities never before seen in this type of watch. There is nothing left to discover.

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The news is official: the new Xiaomi Watch S1 will be presented alongside the Xiaomi 12 and this is all we know about it was originally published on xiaomist by Daniel Vega .


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