{Disarmed} How to solve problems with notifications on your smartwatch or activity bracelet

How to solve problems with notifications on your smartwatch or activity bracelet

On many occasions, our smart watches or bracelets experience certain problems when receiving notifications from the apps that we have previously selected from the corresponding software of our phone.

This problem can become recurrent in many cases so, for this reason, from xiaomist we have been kind enough to bring you some small tips that you can follow in order to be able to solve these errors and make everything work as it should again.

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Activate access to notifications from the app on your phone

In this case, all the applications of this type of device that want to access to receive notifications must have access to them from the settings of the phone that we are using.

Noti Xiaomi Watch 1

This happens because the notifications we see on our smart wrist device are a reflection of those we receive on our phone and are transferred via bluetooth to them, so it is essential that the app has the permissions to be able to transfer this. information.

Once we connect our watch or bracelet to the smartphone for the first time, we will be asked for the necessary permission for the notifications to arrive but, in the event that you have rejected it or do not remember if you have accepted it, you will only have to do this to grant those permissions :

Tuto Notifications

  • Access the settings of your Xiaomi phone or any other Android
  • Scroll down and click on the "Applications" option and then select "Permissions" and, "Other permissions"
  • Once inside, look for the app you use to synchronize your watch or smart bracelet and, once selected, activate the option "Permanent notification"

Activate the notifications of the applications you want to receive

Of course, you may have given access to the notifications so that your watch or smart bracelet can receive them, but have you activated the specific notifications that you want to receive?

In general, this process is usually quite similar regardless of the application that we are using to synchronize our wearable , since all of them have a notification configuration section from which we can select which apps we want to notify on our wrist device.

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In our case, we are going to use the Xiaomi Wear software, but it can be completely applicable regardless of the application you are using, since others such as Mi Fit , Zepp or Galaxy Wearable have quite similar configuration sections. That said, we can access these settings as follows:

Tuto Notifications 1

  • Open the management application of your smart wrist device
  • Access your computer's settings and look for a setting for "Application Notification"
  • Once inside, you simply have to manually select from which apps you want to receive notifications on your watch or smart bracelet

Turn off battery optimizations

Another cause that your wearable is not correctly receiving notifications from the apps that you have previously selected is a system that incorporates the Android system itself that is based on eliminating background processes to achieve battery savings, thus causing a malfunction of this process.

To be able to disable this easily, you just have to:

Tuto Notifications 2

  • Access your phone's settings and enter the "Battery" section
  • Once inside, look for a setting called "Battery saving in applications" and select the app with which your watch or smart bracelet is synchronized with your phone
  • Click on the option "No restrictions"

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Other solutions that can help you avoid this problem

Turn off Xiaomi Clock

As a general rule, the three points that we have detailed above should be enough to solve all the problems related to notifications on your wearables , but there are other small solutions that can be useful in the event that the error continues to exist:

  • Restart your mobile phone and, if possible, also your smart watch or bracelet
  • Turn your phone's Bluetooth connectivity off and on again and check that the wearable connects properly
  • Do not eliminate the notifications that appear on the smartphone while the application is running in the background
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The news How to solve problems with notifications on your smartwatch or activity bracelet was originally published on xiaomist by Daniel Vega .


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