{Disarmed} How to pair Strava with Xiaomi Wear

How to pair Strava with Xiaomi Wear

Strava is one of the most used applications to record different sports activities. This is compatible with Xiaomi Wear and today we will show you what you should do so that you can synchronize the data between both platforms.

Xiaomi Wear is the replacement for Mi Fit , where all the activities recorded by the smartwatch are saved. It is possible that you have been using Strava until now, so we will show you how you can make both apps share information with each other so that you can keep an identical follow-up to the one you had until now.

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How to pair Xiaomi Wear with Strava

Connect Xiaomi Wear with Strava
  • Access your profile in the Xiaomi Wear app and, at the top right, press the " + " button and select " Settings "
  • Once inside, click on " Connected applications " and enter your Strava account for it to sync correctly.
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So you can return a Xiaomi product and receive a full refund in the main stores

As you can see, the process is really easy to follow to have both accounts connected.

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  1. It doesn't work dude. Once Strava account is connected, data will never sync no matter what. Still wondering what those Chinese were thinking. Data belongs to it's owner, not to the vendor and their stupid application. Modified Xiaomi Wear apps not work either. Currently there's no way to get your data from Xiaomi cloud and this is so frustrating.

  2. The newest firmware cannot do that. There is no option to connect other application. Any solution?

  3. also having issue syncing workout in starva using Mi Fitness.


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