{Disarmed} How to listen to your WhatsApp audios before sending them

How to listen to your WhatsApp audios before sending them

WhatsApp is one of the most used services in the world and it is constantly updated. On this occasion the company has begun to roll out an update through which it is possible to listen to your own audios before sending them. Here are the steps to follow to do so.

Listening to your audios before sending them is very simple

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Many of the users who use WhatsApp audios reproduce their audio after having sent it , since there was no possibility of reproducing it before sending it.


Now you just have to follow the following steps to be able to do it:

  • Open WhatsApp .
  • Choose a conversation and start recording an audio.
  • Next, the different fluctuations of the sound will appear.
  • When you have finished recording the audio, you must click on the button located at the bottom in the shape of a square.
  • Then, on the left side, you will notice that there is a player to listen to the audio. When you have finished listening to it, you just have to click on the send button .
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As you can see, the steps are very simple , which is to be appreciated, since it does not force you to have to listen to the audios before sending them, but is positioned as one more option.

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