{Disarmed} How to block a stolen Xiaomi in seconds

How to block a stolen Xiaomi in seconds

If you have just been the victim of a robbery and your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO have been taken, in this article we help you to block the terminal so that they cannot use it.

IMEI blocking is the most secure and strict method . It prevents the terminal from being able to call or use a data rate linked to your SIM card. It is, in fact, the first step taken after reporting the loss of a mobile phone in the relevant proceedings.

As indicated our fellow Engadget Mobile, the IMEI is one of those codes that must be kept in a safe place. But there are also other alternative methods that you can try. Here is a step by step to protect the information of your stolen Xiaomi.

Block using IMEI

To call

The key is to know the IMEI number of your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO mobile. To do this, open the 'phone' application, type * # 06 # with the keyboard and call. A new message will appear, 'USSD code running'.

If everything goes well you will see a long string of digits: that is the IMEI of your mobile . If it fails, a message from the operator will appear indicating that this code is not valid, as you can see in the image above.

So you can block all commercial calls (and SMS messages) on your Xiaomi mobile
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So you can block all commercial calls (and SMS messages) on your Xiaomi mobile

The IMEI usually appears in the invoices of some operators , in the box or the case of the mobile (it is usually a sticker) and even behind the battery - if it is removable. If you do not have access to any of these materials or keep the original box, we recommend that you urgently call your operator from any other terminal.

Your telephone company will request some obvious credentials with which you must prove that you are the owner of the line associated with the mobile you want to block (ID, full name and associated number). These are the telephone numbers of the twelve main operators:

  • Movistar: 1004
  • Orange: 1470
  • Mobile: 2373
  • Vodafone: 22123
  • Jazztel: 1565
  • Lowi: 121
  • Amena: 1478
  • Yoigo: 622
  • Pepephone: 1212
  • Digi: 1200
  • Simyo: 121
  • Euskaltel: 1717

The operator will inform you that the SIM card has been blocked remotely and, therefore, even if they unblock the terminal's PIN, they will no longer be able to access your information.

Broken screen? So you can unlock and recover your mobile data
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Broken screen? So you can unlock and recover your mobile data

Block your Xiaomi from Google

To block

Either using the ' Find my device ' application or from this website (or the alternative link https://www.google.com/android/find?u=0 ), you will only have to choose the lost mobile and touch on the option 'Lock device'.

All the secret Android codes that you can unlock on your Xiaomi
In xiaomist
All the secret Android codes that you can unlock on your Xiaomi

We repeat: Google> Security> Find my device . Once you have deleted it, you will still have to unlink your account to this device, but this process is carried out from the account itself.

Lock your mobile from Xiaomi Cloud


Did you create a Mi account when you activated your mobile for the first time? If your terminal is linked to the Xiaomi Cloud service, you can also try to block it by activating the 'Lost Mode '. The steps to follow are these:

  1. Go to https://us.i.mi.com/#/ and log in with your Mi account.
  2. Now, within this new screen, click on the option ' Find device '. Choose the terminal within the list
  3. Now tap on the ' Lost Mode ' option.
  4. A new window will appear indicating that it will search and locate the terminal, that this mode will unlink cards (My payment) and block the possibility of connecting to the network. Accept the terms by clicking on the ' Switch to lost mode ' button.

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