{Disarmed} The funniest "board" games to enjoy as a family from your Xiaomi Pad 5

The games

You don't need any board or cards to enjoy the best board games this Christmas. Known as Party Games , most of these games have a digital version. In addition, the Xiaomi Pad 5 has proven to be an ideal tablet even to revive classics from old systems .

And thanks to its official keyboard and its Smart Pen , playing from it is as intuitive and fun as doing it from a board.


Pad 5 Games 2

And we start with something simple and accessible for the whole family. With options for 2 and 4 players ( offline or online, as a team, in pairs or one-on-one ), this is the Ludo of a lifetime with real chat and different configuration options. Designed especially for tablets, yes or you will surely want to repeat tests.

  • Download | Parcheesi (link to another alternative )



Surely you have ever heard of this great classic. one person has died and all are guilty. Six suspects must discover who the real culprit is, with what weapon and where in the Tudor mansion. Time is ticking and in this version you have up to 10 different boards.

  • Download | Cluedo



Yes, the great strategy classic also has its digital version and allows up to a maximum of 4 players, both online and locally, passing the turn . The bad news is that it is not totally free. The good news is that it deserves every penny: although playing on mobile is somewhat uncomfortable, in the 11-inch Xiaomi Pad 5 the experience is truly comfortable.

  • Download | Catan



Fancy a quick game of chess? Want to teach your nephew how to raze ' Lady's Gambit ' style? Grease the neurons with this free chess that includes 12 levels of play, a lot of 2D and 3D boards and up to 30 different varieties to learn to play all kinds of games and movements.

  • Download | Chess



Developed by Hasbro, with the permission of the pioneers, this is perhaps the most famous board game of all time. And it is to relive historical battles by building a solid army, rampaging in real time for honor and glory.

You can edit or create your own rules, compete on more than 60 maps and play both online and locally. If you have not tried it, we already alert you: it is very addictive.

  • Download | Risk

Sink the float

Sink the float

Surely at some point you have played this naval classic with crews where an opponent indicates some coordinates and you have to confirm if his artillery has touched your ship, has hit the water or, after several repeated attacks, has sunk your naval battleship. Featuring ships in 3D, this fun real-time strategy milestone is just as fun since the Xiaomi pad 5.

  • Download | Sink the float



Here you don't need to bring out your inner Sherlock Holmes, but rather your Paco el Pocero. Speculate and buy boldly to wipe out your rivals' savings. You know, electric companies score double. Monopoly is one of the favorite games of thousands of users for something . And this paid version, without ads or online connection requirements, is ideal to play any afternoon this Christmas.

  • Download | Monopoly



And we say goodbye with the quintessential party game , the best-known trivia game of all time (although other alternatives like Pasapalabra are just as addictive, although less familiar).

You can play with friends from home, in public leagues of up to 8 players, create your own competition, bet on quick challenges, compete in the ELO League, or just take a couple of friendly rounds to learn the fundamentals of this game. You will learn a lot along the way.

  • Download | Trivial
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