DHL app: This function can cost you real money

DHL app: This function can cost you real money

The Post & DHL app not only has nice stamps, but also many practical functions. One of them is especially useful if you receive unexpected or even unwanted packages. You can digitally refuse acceptance without meeting the parcel carrier. In some cases, however, this can be expensive.

Anyone who is surprised by unexpected parcels can refuse acceptance by the DHL courier. Addressees have been able to do this for a long time, but so far it has only been possible in person. The function has recently also been available online , in the Post & DHL app or via the parcel service's website.

Refuse parcel acceptance: Practical function in the "Post & DHL" app

The new function is available as an extension of the packet redirection. Instead of redirecting shipments that are on their way to you, you can also ensure that no delivery attempt is made in the first place.

This saves the deliverers an additional trip and also makes a small personal contribution to environmental protection. In this article we explain how exactly you do it. But if you use the function to save yourself an annoying return, the shot can backfire.

Refusing to accept a shipment is not legally identical to a revocation. For example, if you accidentally order an item twice or change your mind afterwards and then refuse to accept it instead of canceling or sending back unwanted goods, you can be asked to pay . For example, if DHL does not accept their goods, they charge commercial providers a fee of 4 euros for the return (source: Ergo impulse).

Refuse acceptance or return: which is better?

The dealer can reclaim these costs from you if this was previously specified in the cancellation policy. Many, especially larger, dealers would do without it. With packages that you have ordered yourself, you are still on the safe side if you use the normal return. As a rule, this is also faster.

Everyone has their own experience with parcel services. In the video you can see the big comparison:

If you want to be safe from unpleasant surprises in the event of non-acceptance, you have to know the fine print when buying in the online shop . In cases where you definitely haven't ordered anything or are not expecting a package, the new function remains a practical extra.


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