Currently free of charge instead of 5 euros: Android app makes mobile phone photos more beautiful

Currently free of charge instead of 5 euros: Android app makes mobile phone photos more beautiful

Smartphones have long replaced the classic camera. But not every cell phone takes really good photos. In the Google Play Store there is currently a free Android app called ProCam X with which you can significantly improve the image quality of your recordings.

Free Android app: ProCam X free instead of 5 euros

If you buy a high-end smartphone, you don't have to worry about the image quality of the pictures. The hardware and software of expensive cell phones ensure that the quality is right. However, this is not always the case with entry-level and mid-range phones. The quality fluctuates very strongly and you have to know how to help yourself in order to get the best out of the respective situation . Android apps such as ProCam X are available precisely for this purpose.

The application normally costs 5 euros and is available for free on December 17, 2021 in the Google Play Store. If you get the app now, it will be linked to your own account and you can download the app later for free, even if the promotion is over.

With ProCam X you get an alternative camera app on your mobile phone with which you can set everything manually. This is comparable to the manual mode on high-end smartphones or DSLR cameras . For example, you can change the exposure, white balance, ISO value, focus, shutter speed and so on. So you have many more options to influence the result than would normally be the case with an entry-level or mid-range cell phone. You can get a lot more out of it, especially with night shots.

In the video we show you the innovations of Android 12:

What is the ProCam X Android app good for?

The Android app is very popular with over 1 million downloads and received 4.4 out of 5 stars from over 16,800 reviews . The users are enthusiastic about the possibilities of ProCam X. But you also have to familiarize yourself with it and try it out to get the best results.


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