Crypto theme week at xiaomist: What do Bitcoin and other digital currencies bring?

Crypto theme week at xiaomist: What do Bitcoin and other digital currencies bring?

What is bitcoin A trend that is wasting energy and preventing us from buying graphics cards, or is it a pioneering means of payment and the future of our financial system? In our topic week crypto we shed light on the many facets of this fascinating topic.

A confession: when I first read about Bitcoin a few years ago, I found the idea strange. An underground currency that can be mined with computing power and used to buy drugs on the Darknet. Serious? That never catches on!

Well, if I hadn't been so skeptical and had bought bitcoins early ... then I'd be rich now. But afterwards you are always wiser. ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯ Bitcoin and other blockchain-based currencies are at least somewhat out of the dirty corner of the network today. The general public is discussing it, sometimes more, sometimes less well-founded, financial service providers allow everyone to speculate with crypto currencies. In some places, Bitcoins can even be used to pay - be it the pizza in the online delivery service or the e-car in online sales.

Bitcoin: between ban and official currency

The more of these options there are, the more legitimate Bitcoin becomes as an alternative to euros and dollars . And yet prices fluctuate and blockchain-based cryptocurrencies remain controversial. States and banking systems react differently to crypto: While China rigorously prohibits activities related to mining and trading in crypto, El Salvador is the first sovereign state to introduce Bitcoin as an official means of payment.

Cryptocurrencies are undoubtedly an ideologically contested topic: The fear of states about losing control collides with the hope of stabilizing and globalizing entire economies with an independent quasi-currency. And then there is the aspect of sustainability : Bitcoin mining now consumes more energy than entire countries . Wasted energy or does Bitcoin have the potential to become more sustainable than traditional currency systems?

Theme week cryptocurrencies: Everything about Bitcoin & Co.

This week we want to approach the topic of cryptocurrencies from different directions. At our side is Roman Reher, who uses his YouTube channel Blocktrainer to provide information about Bitcoin. Roman is considered to be one of the luminaries on the subject in German-speaking countries. If you're interested in the topic: Take a look at the Blocktrainer website and subscribe to Roman's channel on YouTube. In a video interview, he answered urgent questions about the topic. We will take up these in separate articles. But critical voices also have their say. Have fun!


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