China manufacturer takes folding cell phones to a whole new level

China manufacturer takes folding cell phones to a whole new level

When you think of foldable phones, Samsung is right in your head. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 are currently the most popular folding phones. But that could change if Chinese manufacturers move more in this direction. Vivo is planning a tri-fold smartphone, which also offers a real specialty.

Vivo is planning a tri-fold smartphone with a laser keyboard

It was only recently announced that OnePlus was working on a double-folding smartphone with three displays. Now a patent has surfaced showing Vivo's tri-fold smartphone. This Chinese company is also working on a double-folding smartphone, but has the additional special feature that a laser keyboard can be used . Basically, the completely unfolded smartphone becomes a laptop like this:

If you open the three displays completely, you can switch on a virtual keyboard, which is shown in front of you on the table with laser technology and can be used. Vivo does not only want to combine a smartphone and tablet in one device, but also to turn it into a laptop . According to the patent, lasers are installed on both sides to project the keyboard. This means that there are no problems if something is covered with your fingers.

With its tri-fold smartphone and virtual keyboard, Vivo would have a truly unique device under development that does not yet exist. You could clearly set yourself apart from the competition, which has not yet offered any additional added value.

We'll tell you below what makes the foldable Samsung smartphones so special:

When will the Vivo Tri-Fold smartphone appear?

So far it is only a patent from Vivo. With such discoveries, it is never certain whether a manufacturer just wants to secure the idea or whether it will really be built that way. It is clear, however, that many manufacturers are working on double-folding smartphones and that we will see them sooner or later. Vivo, OnePlus and also Oppo are developing similar ideas. And Samsung also wants to build a double-foldable smartphone in order to increase the added value.


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