China manufacturer is ahead of Apple: will this product replace the smartphone?

China manufacturer is ahead of Apple: will this product replace the smartphone?

It is well known that Apple often likes to take its time. However, when it comes to the future topic of augmented reality (AR), the US company could have waited too long: With the Air Glass, Oppo has now presented AR glasses that are due to come onto the market at the beginning of 2022.

At the Oppo Inno Day 2021, the Chinese manufacturer Oppo presented the Air Glas - AR glasses that show the user information on a display in the eye . It would be more appropriate to use the term monocle instead of glasses , because information is only displayed to the user on one side. How this should work in practice, Oppo shows in the video:

Oppos AR glasses weigh just 30 grams

"The design of the main body is inspired by nature: it is light, slim and curved like a feather. Its touch bar is reminiscent of the pen handle, "says Oppo. The glasses should weigh 30 grams . The technical basis is the Snapdragon Wear 4100 from Qualcomm, Oppo does not reveal any further details about the built-in hardware.

The manufacturer is a bit more informative when it comes to the display. This displays content in monochrome, either with 16 or 256 gray levels. The brightness is 1,400 nits. According to Oppo, the mini projector that projects the content onto the screen is only the size of a coffee bean .

Control via touch smartphones and smartwatches

Oppos AR glasses are controlled by touch, speech and hand or head movements . In addition, the Oppo Air Glas can also be operated with any Oppo smartphone based on ColorOS 11 or higher and the Oppo Watch. A number of applications are preinstalled on the glasses, including weather and calendar apps, teleprompters, translations as well as health and navigation apps. For the software, the manufacturer also worked with the Chinese technology giant Baidu.

Apple is also working on AR glasses

In the first quarter of 2022, Oppo Air Glas is expected to hit the market in China . Available in black and white, as well as two customizable frame accessories. Oppo is still silent about the price - as well as the question of whether the AR glasses should also be available in other markets outside of the People's Republic. According to rumors, Apple is also working on AR glasses. At least at the start of the market, Oppo seems to be ahead of the big US competitor.


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