China manufacturer completely surprised: There is a new smartphone king

China manufacturer completely surprised: There is a new smartphone king

Chinese smartphone manufacturers actually want to conquer the market worldwide. But now it suddenly becomes apparent that another manufacturer has taken over the Chinese market and has basically jumped to first place out of nowhere. It's about Apple.

Apple conquers the Chinese smartphone market

For Apple, China has been a very difficult smartphone market for years. The US company has always sold iPhones there, but the real breakthrough came with the iPhone 13 models. Apple has suddenly become the largest smartphone manufacturer in China. Even Vivo and Oppo were beaten, who are usually found in first and second place. There are three reasons for this:

Huawei no longer plays a role in the smartphone market - not even in China. Vivo and Oppo both lose massively. The sales figures will drop significantly in October 2021. The iPhone 13 is a huge success. Xiaomi also recently admitted that.

Accordingly, Apple was able to assert itself as the largest smartphone manufacturer in China in October 2021, according to Counterpoint:

China is the largest smartphone market in the world. If you look at the trend of the last few years, the sales figures for Apple should even increase before Christmas. The other Chinese manufacturers then traditionally also gain further. November and December in particular will be exciting again. What is clear, however, is that Apple is making significant gains in China and that is unlikely to please the Chinese smartphone manufacturers at all .

Did you know what other products Xiaomi sells?

Chinese smartphone manufacturers want to step up

Apple has built in many technologies into the iPhone 13 that previously only Android smartphone manufacturers could score with. For example, the iPhone 13 Pro now also has a 120 Hz display and much better cameras. Xiaomi has already announced that it now wants to respond even more to the needs of customers . The Xiaomi 12 will be presented shortly. Maybe we can already see how Xiaomi reacts to Apple.


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