China-Handy is astonishing: It can be folded and rolled out

China-Handy is astonishing: It can be folded and rolled out

Foldable or rollable? Why not both! Manufacturer TCL has now presented an exciting smartphone prototype that could show the future of the industry. The China cell phone is transformed into a full-fledged tablet in no time at all.

The days of the classic smartphone are numbered. At least that's what many manufacturers want us to believe who are working hard on foldable or even rollable smartphones. But why choose between the two options at all? The engineers at TCL must have thought something similar.

TCL shows foldable and rollable China cell phones

The Chinese manufacturer recently presented the prototype of a smartphone that can not only be folded, but also rolled out (video below).

The folding mechanism is unlikely to impress many, after all, we have known something like this since 2019, when Samsung launched the first Galaxy Fold on the market. But the China cell phone is not satisfied with simply folding it out and in, because the TCL smartphone can also be rolled out if desired .

Bit by bit it grows in length, so that users end up holding a full-fledged tablet in their hands . The video does not provide any information about the display diagonal, but we would assume at least 8 inches. This would mean that the TCL cell phone would be on a par with the iPad Mini and would offer significantly more screen space than the Galaxy Z Fold 3, for example.

The undisputed number 1 in folding cell phones is currently Samsung:

TCL shouldn't afford to rush into action

It will be some time before TCL brings such a foldable and rollable smartphone onto the market. The electronics company, which has made a name for itself in this country primarily with its cheap TV sets, will still have the negative example from Samsung in the back of their minds. The South Koreans' first folding cell phone went dead in 2019 and had to be withdrawn from the market. So TCL shouldn't afford to be quick.


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