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Happyrun HR-G50: Get a Powerful E-bike With up to €70 OFF

Elevate your riding escapades with the HAPPYRUN HR-G50 Electric Bike, a dynamic fusion of timeless design and state-of-the-art technology. Whether you find yourself conquering rugged trails or effortlessly zipping through your daily commute, this electric bike promises to be your gateway to an exhilarating and stylish ride. With its perfect balance of classic aesthetics and … The post Happyrun HR-G50: Get a Powerful E-bike With up to €70 OFF first appeared on XiaomiToday . The post Happyrun HR-G50: Get a Powerful E-bike With up to €70 OFF appeared first on XiaomiToday .

Cell phones up to 300 euros: Smartphones with NFC & 5G in the test

Cell phones up to 300 euros: Smartphones with NFC & 5G in the test

When looking for a smartphone for less than 300 euros, you no longer have to do without good equipment. Manufacturers such as Samsung and Xiaomi are expanding the market and providing a decent selection with models in this price range. In our overview we show you which smartphones you don't have to do without good features.

5G, wireless charging, NFC - you no longer have to dig deep into your pockets for features like this. You can find Android smartphones that cover all everyday needs in terms of performance, and often even more, in the range of less than 300 euros. Of course, you still have to make compromises, for example in terms of camera quality, gaming performance and display. But here, too, the cheaper models catch up with the upper class. You can find our recommendations in our overview.

So we chose

There are many smartphones in the price range under 300 euros. Certain characteristics were an exclusion criterion for us, such as being too old. We have partly based ourselves on our own tests, on the other hand on the results of the Stiftung Warentest - reviews are linked for the corresponding products. The results of other test sites and user ratings also influence the selection. The latter were helpful because they did not judge according to benchmark figures and other laboratory values ​​that were not very informative, but instead emphasized individual impressions.

In a separate article you can find out more about how we at xiaomist deal with product recommendations and tests:

With our research, we at xiaomist want to recommend suitable products to you and avoid bad purchases. Your trust is important to us - that's why you can rely on us.

I myself have been dealing with cell phones and smartphones for years. From the Nokia classics to the first folding and sliding phones to smartphones I have been fascinated by all generations. Personally, not only technical innovations, but also sustainability are important to me.

xiaomist.comset GS5: Sustainable and elegant


exchangeable battery wireless charging guaranteed upgrade to Android 12


no IP certification no 5G cellular network

The xiaomist.comset GS5 (see Amazon) is worthwhile for those who do not want to do without sustainability in their smartphone. With the xiaomist.comset GS5, the German manufacturer strikes a balance between sustainability and elegant design . In contrast to practically all competing devices, the battery is replaceable - yet xiaomist.comset does not do without a high-quality chrome frame and a rear made of hardened glass. According to its own statement, xiaomist.comset also pays attention to sustainable, fair production and packaging.

Android 11 is preinstalled as the operating system on the GS5, and an upgrade to Android 12 is guaranteed. In addition, the camera quality, at least on paper, is better than the lower Samsung Galaxy A22 5G and the battery is stronger than the predecessor. Charging can be carried out quickly via cable, and wireless charging via Qi wireless is also supported.

Although the MediaTek processor is more up-to-date than its predecessor, the GS5 is not suitable for demanding gaming due to only 4 GB of RAM and a low-performance GPU. However, the GS5 convinces with features such as a fingerprint sensor on the back, NFC support and a triple-slot system. Unlike most dual SIM smartphones, you can insert two nano SIM cards and a micro SD card, so you don't have to choose between a second SIM and memory expansion for the second card. There is also a jack for wired headphones.

Operating system Android 11 display 6.3 inch IPS 2,340 × 1,080 pixels 60 Hz processor MediaTek Helio G85 A75 RAM 4 GB internal memory 128 GB (expandable) camera 16 MP front camera 48 MP wide angle 8 MP ultra wide angle 8 MP macro lens battery 4,500 mAh (Fast charging function, wired and wireless) Special features Jack connection Fingerprint sensor and face recognition Triple-slot NFC support

Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S: the endurance runner


AMOLED display outstanding battery performance IP53 certification


no 5G cellular network

While many competing devices in this price range still use LC-based displays, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S has an AMOLED display in full HD resolution - a big advantage in terms of image quality. Thanks to the fast MediaTek SoC and 6 GB of RAM, the smartphone should be sufficient for everyday use and gaming (with adjusted settings). Some special features are also the IP53 certification (protection against dust and spray water), unlocking by fingerprint and NFC support.

When it comes to battery performance, the Android smartphone is really unbeatable: According to Stiftung Warentest, it runs for 53 hours with normal use, which is why a rating of 1.0 is more than justified. So if you are looking for an endurance runner, you should get the Redmi Note 10S for just under 246 euros (see Saturn).

Operating system MIUI 12.5 based on Android 11 Display 6.43 inch AMOLED 2,400 x 1,080 pixels 60 Hz Processor MediaTek Helio G95 RAM 6 GB Internal memory 64 to 128 GB (expandable) Camera 13 MP front camera 64 MP wide angle 8 MP ultra wide angle 2 MP macro -Lens 2 MP depth sensor battery 5,000 mAh (fast charging function, wired) Special features Jack connection Fingerprint sensor and face recognition Triple slot NFC support IP53 (protection against dust and spray water)

Samsung Galaxy A22 5G: Future-proof thanks to 5G


5G mobile network sharp display despite LC display


low camera quality no IP certification

Even Samsung fans don't have to do without smartphones from the South Korean market leader in this price category. The Galaxy A22 5G (check it out at MediaMarkt) does not score with an AMOLED display like the Xiaomi above, but has a sharp FHD + display , which the Galaxy A32 5G again lacked according to our test. In addition, thanks to the 90 Hz animations, they look nice and fluid.

Despite the eight-core processor, we don't get a gaming smartphone with the Samsung, but it is completely sufficient for everyday use. Rather, we have to make some compromises in terms of camera performance - at Stiftung Warentest it is only enough for a satisfactory grade. However, the Samsung Galaxy A22 5G shines with a long battery life and features such as NFC. The name - giving support for 5G connections rounds off the phone and makes it future-proof.

Operating system Android 11 display 6.5 inch LCD 1,080 x 2,408 90 Hz processor MediaTek Dimensity 700 RAM 4 GB internal memory 64 to 128 GB (expandable) camera 8 MP front camera 48 MP main camera 5 MP ultra-wide angle 2 MP macro lens battery 5,000 mAh (Fast charging function, wired) Special features Jack connection, fingerprint sensor and face recognition, triple-slot NFC support

Realme GT Master Edition: Great features at a great price


AMOLED display with 120 Hz 5G cellular high camera quality


no expandable storage no IP certification

Admittedly, "GT Master Edition" sounds more like a sports car than a smartphone. In fact, the mobile phone from realme, a sister company of the better-known brands OPPO and OnePlus, has many highlights. The AMOLED display impresses with a high-contrast and color-intensive image and a frame rate of 120 Hz , which ensures smooth animations. In addition, the cell phone carries 5G cellular technology and the front and main cameras are also convincing, at least on paper. The battery and performance data ensure long runtimes, thanks to the fast charging technology, you can also refuel quickly using cables: The charger supplied fully charges the empty smartphone in just over half an hour.

The downside is the processor: Although the Snapdragon 778G is a good eight-core processor from Qualcomm, it cannot keep up with the Snapdragon 888 5G of the more expensive sister model, which also makes the Realme GT a good gaming smartphone. You also have to do without wireless charging and expandable storage - if you want to take a lot of data with you, you should use the slightly more expensive model with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal storage.

Do you often get information directly from test institutions such as Stiftung Warentest and Co.? Then we have a few points in this video that you should pay attention to in the future:

According to our test, the regular Realme GT is also a very cheap smartphone for its performance data, currently costs around 380 euros (see Amazon). The cheaper Master Edition of the Realme GT is a good compromise with data from the upper mid-range, but some high-end features, especially 5G connectivity and a top display. If you use your smartphone primarily in everyday life and have no gaming ambitions, you can get a really successful smartphone for less than 300 euros (check it out at Otto).

Realme UI 2.0 operating system based on Android 11 Display 6.43 inch Super AMOLED 2,400 × 1,080 pixels 120 Hz Processor Snapdragon 778G 5G RAM 6 to 8 GB Internal memory 128 to 256 GB ( not expandable) Camera 32 MP front camera 64 MP main camera 8 MP ultra wide angle 2 MP macro lens battery 4,300 mAh (quick charge function, wired) Special features Jack connection Fingerprint sensor and face recognition NFC support

You can find out which smartphones from other price ranges are worth a look in these xiaomist overviews:

A note on the prices: Most Android smartphones are subject to strong price fluctuations, especially in the first 6 months after the market launch, these fall the fastest. Deal events like Prime Day, Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday also have a strong influence on prices. We keep you up to date on current offers in our deal overview, it is worth taking a regular look at current offers!


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