Bye, Angela: Samsung is saying goodbye to the ex-Chancellor

Bye, Angela: Samsung is saying goodbye to the ex-Chancellor

After 16 years it's over: Angela Merkel is leaving the political stage in Germany and is going into retirement. Samsung says goodbye to the ex-chancellor with a creative tweet - and uses the opportunity to subtly advertise its own smartphone.

It is the end of an era: Angela Merkel ruled the country for 16 years and led it through several crises. Young people in particular only know "Mutti" at the head of the government, the Merkel diamond has now achieved cult status. Samsung has chosen exactly this trademark for a winking goodbye tweet .

Samsung advertises the Galaxy Z Fold 3 with a Merkel tweet

"In retirement and still with the future in hand. We say thank you and wish you all the best! "Reads the tweet. In the accompanying picture, two hands are folded into a Merkel diamond - so far, so normal. But if you look closely, you will discover a smartphone in the palm of your hand - the Galaxy Z Fold 3 from Samsung .

A clever tweet that Samsung's Twitter team posted here. After all, only the Galaxy Z Fold 3 can be folded so that it fits perfectly into the Merkel diamond . Only a folding cell phone makes sense in this photo; a classic smartphone would have been unsuitable.

The fact that the supposed Merkel in the photo has the "future in her hand" underscores Samsung's claim that the future belongs to foldable smartphones . For the coming year, Samsung has set itself high goals and wants to produce 10 million folding smartphones.

Here you can see which other features the Galaxy Z Fold 3 scores with:

Oppo attacks Samsung on folding smartphones

How long Samsung can keep its lead in folding smartphones remains to be seen. Above all, Chinese manufacturers are investing heavily in the future-oriented devices. Most recently, Oppo announced the Find N, a foldable smartphone that should eliminate many of the shortcomings of current devices in terms of display folds and durability.


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