Bridging days 2022: With these apps you can get the most out of your vacation

Bridging days 2022: With these apps you can get the most out of your vacation

They are at the heart of every vacation planning: long weekends. If you cleverly combine your vacation with long days, the bottom line is that you get more free time. Planning is particularly easy with the right apps for the iPhone and Android smartphones.

Bridging days in 2022 extend the vacation

In a few days 2021 will be saying goodbye - a year that was rather stingy with bridging days. However, things are looking better in 2022 and those who are already planning their vacation for the coming year can effectively extend their vacation with a few cleverly used bridging days .

In NRW alone there are three, for example, in 2022: Friday, May 27th, is exactly between Ascension Day (Thursday) and Saturday. A bridging day gives you four days off. There are further bridging days for NRW residents on Friday, June 17th and Monday, October 31st. Since public holidays differ from region to region, the long weekends also differed from state to state. Apps for the iPhone and Android smartphones provide a convenient overview of all regional bridge days .

Bridge days apps for iPhone and Android smartphones

For the iPhone there is, for example, the "German Holidays & Holidays" app , which has a clear design and lists holidays for the respective federal state in individual sections, integrates a calendar, shows all bridging days and much more. The app is also free.

Owners of an Android smartphone, on the other hand, can use the "Bridges, Holidays and Holidays" app , which really says it all . The Android app shows all bridges, holidays and vacations in a federal state. Visually, it's not quite as pretty as the iPhone app, for example, but it serves its purpose. It is also free of charge, but if you wish you can download the paid version for 99 cents. It is then without advertising.

Aside from this, there are of course a variety of other apps in the App Store and Google Play Store that help you plan your long holiday holidays.

And when the vacation is over, Google Maps is suitable as an inexpensive travel guide: 11 tips for using Google Maps as a travel guide.


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