Breakdown at Samsung: New smartphone to be seen in advance

Breakdown at Samsung: New smartphone to be seen in advance

Somebody was sleeping at Samsung: Even before the official launch, a new smartphone could be seen on the electronics company's website. Older reports about the Galaxy S21 FE are confirmed.

In January, it is currently rumored, Samsung will present the Galaxy S21 FE. On the day of the presentation, however, the South Koreans will probably not be able to unravel many of the secrets. After the rumor mill has picked up speed in the past few weeks, the design is no longer a secret.

Samsung accidentally shows the Galaxy S21 FE itself

The Galaxy S21 FE was briefly seen on a support page from Samsung UAE (United Arab Emirates) (source: Gizchina). The faux pas allows a detailed look at the design of the upcoming budget smartphone, which is supposed to be a cheap alternative to the Galaxy S21.

Like the standard model, the S21 FE also has a triple camera on the back. The triple notch is housed in a vertically arranged camera module that merges into the edge of the housing. Again, there are no changes compared to the Galaxy S21 FE. The punch-hole camera and the thin bezels of the screen, which, unlike Apple's iPhone, are not symmetrical, stand out on the front. So the Galaxy S21 FE has a small chin.

Overall , the Galaxy S21 FE looks very similar to the Galaxy S21 . Older reports have already indicated this, but now there is official confirmation from Samsung.

Samsung has its fingers in the game almost everywhere:

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE could be the price-performance winner

The Galaxy S21 FE should have been on the shelves long ago, but the global chip crisis is said to have pushed the idea back again and again. Now the smartphone should be launched in the coming month and could become a real price-performance winner.


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