Better than Samsung? China manufacturer wants to set new standards for folding cell phones

Better than Samsung? China manufacturer wants to set new standards for folding cell phones

So far, Samsung is the undisputed number 1 in foldable smartphones. The Chinese manufacturer Oppo is now shaking the throne and wants to have solved the biggest problem of folding cell phones with the Oppp Find N. The presentation is due in just a few days. The first pictures of the device can now be seen.

Update, December 12, 2021: The well-known Leaker @evleaks has shared the first pictures of the Oppo Find N:

Original message:

With the Find N, Oppo presents the first folding mobile phone

There are big words that Oppo uses in his press statement (source: Oppo). On December 14th, the manufacturer wants to present the new Oppo Find N and thus apparently show Samsung in particular how to build folding smartphones correctly.

Oppo claims to have been working on a folding cell phone for four years, creating a total of 6 generations of prototypes. The Find N is "Oppos's answer to the question of what the future of the smartphone looks like" , according to the manufacturer.

A short teaser already gives a foretaste of what to expect:

The Find N does not look groundbreaking there. Oppo uses the same folding mechanism as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. It has an outward-facing cover display and is folded inward, similar to a book. However, if you take a closer look, you will notice a big difference: Overall, Oppo's folding cell phone looks much more compact .

In particular, the elongated shape of Samsung's Fold models has so far been in the crossfire of criticism, as it made typing on the cover display more difficult. When closed, the Oppo Find N seems like a conventional smartphone in 16: 9 or 18: 9 format. This should have a positive effect on everyday use.

Oppo wants to showcase display folds and durability

With the Find N, the China manufacturer also wants to have solved some of the biggest problems of folding smartphones. Specifically, Oppo speaks of the fold in the display and the durability . On December 14th, we will see to what extent great words are followed by deeds. Then Oppo would like to officially present its new folding cell phone to the public.


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