Belongs on every Android smartphone: The new Apple app wants to protect you

Belongs on every Android smartphone: The new Apple app wants to protect you

A new app from Apple for Android smartphones? Do you need something like that? And whether, because the new application wants to protect users from secret tracking by Apple's AirTags.

Apple's AirTags are small, round Bluetooth key finders. They can be tracked around the world because they can quietly connect to nearby iPhones and thus communicate their location. Useful for lost or stolen things that can be found by the owner.

The principle of the AirTags explains:

Protection against Apple AirTags: Apple releases Tracker Detect for Android

However , AirTags can be used for other purposes, then they become a kind of bug for stalkers and, more recently, car thieves . Simply hide an AirTag with the "victim" and you can find out where you are. Anyone who owns an iPhone is protected against such attacks because the small AirTag reports after a certain time and thus reveals its presence. If necessary, the little culprit can then be deactivated, for example by removing the battery. Android users have so far been at the mercy of this defenseless , they receive no such information.

For this reason , Apple has now released the free "Tracker Detect" Android app . With this, AirTags can be found and rendered harmless by Apple providing tips on deactivation at the same time. So if you want to protect yourself from unwanted tracking by AirTags, you should definitely install the app. Important to know: The system requirement should be at least Android 9 or higher, with just under 19 MB, the space requirement is, as expected, small.

The other side of the coin

xiaomist editor Sven Kaulfuss says: In and of itself a good idea, but with "Tracker Detect" Apple is not only providing stalker victims with an important tool, thieves will also be happy. If a bad boy steals an AirTag-protected object (suitcase, wallet, bike), he can find the tracker directly and render it harmless. The advantage of the AirTags (view on Amazon) is reversed - it went stupid.


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