Apple Watch no longer charges: Update causes problems for the Smartwatch

Apple Watch no longer charges: Update causes problems for the Smartwatch

Some Apple Watch owners complain about issues related to the new version of watchOS. If this is installed, the Smartwatch can no longer be charged with third-party chargers. Not only the Apple Watch Series 7 is affected.

Apple Watch: Third-party products cause problems

A few days ago, Apple started distributing watchOS 8.3. Although it is only a minor update that has eliminated some bugs, the new software is now causing problems for some users. According to reports, the smartwatch will simply no longer charge if an original Apple charger is not used. In addition to the current Apple Watch Series 7, older models are also said to be affected.

One user explains that the Apple Watch would only charge "around 2 percent" if it was connected to a third-party charger. After that, the smartwatch is simply no longer supplied with power. Other owners write that the battery level has even decreased if an Apple charger was not used. Restarting the clock or reconnecting the charger does not provide relief.

The problems that arise are not intended to be the difficulties of a single product from a single manufacturer. What is also certain, however, is that many users report on rather cheap chargers that they have bought from Amazon (source: Reddit via AppleInsider).

In the video: This is what the Apple Watch Series 7 offers.

Apple Watch won't charge: no solution in sight

Apple itself has not yet commented on the problems. So it is currently unclear when remedial action will be taken. With older versions of watchOS the difficulties do not arise, which is why the new watchOS 8.3 is almost certain to be the culprit.


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