Apple Watch for 155 euros: Aldi is selling smartwatches starting today

Apple Watch for 155 euros: Aldi is selling smartwatches starting today

Should it be an Apple Watch? Then you're in luck: As of today, Aldi is offering the cult smartwatch for little money. We'll tell you whether the deal for 155 euros is worth it. Because you have to be prepared for two restrictions.

Christmas is coming: in less than three weeks the big presents are due. Anyone who is toying with buying an Apple Watch as a gift for others or for themselves will soon have the chance of a really good bargain at Aldi.

Aldi Nord is offering Apple Watch Series 3 for 155 euros

Starting today, December 13th, Aldi Nord is offering the Apple Watch Series 3 for an affordable 155 euros . The discounter thus undercuts Apple's price by a whopping 64 euros. The small model is available with a case diameter of 38 mm.

Before you strike, however, you should be aware of two restrictions: On the one hand, it is not a new product. Aldi sells refurbished Apple Watches . These are smartwatches that were already in use, but have been completely refurbished and are now on sale again. If, on the other hand, you buy from Apple itself, you get new goods. Everyone has to decide for themselves whether the 64 Euro surcharge is worth it.

In addition, the Series 3 already has a few years under its belt. The smartwatch was released in 2017 and is now lagging behind in terms of technology . Many new watchOS functions are not available on the smartwatch and due to the low memory, Apple even recommends decoupling the watch from the iPhone before updating to a new operating system version. It is doubtful whether the Apple Watch Series 3 will still receive watchOS 9 in the coming year.

This is what the current watchOS 8 can do:

Apple Watch Series 3 at Aldi Nord: to buy or not to buy?

The question remains: buy it or leave it on the shelf? If you have no problems with refurbished goods and only want to receive notifications with the Apple Watch and use some sports functions, you can access the offer from Aldi Nord. We recommend everyone else to spend a little more money and buy the Apple Watch SE (check it out on Amazon).


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