Apple s secret AirPods software: Customers go away empty-handed

Apple s secret AirPods software: Customers go away empty-handed

Quite a few AirPods customers would like Apple to be able to install any firmware updates themselves. Now there is software for it, but the valued customers of all people are left with nothing.

AirPods: New firmware update software

From time to time Apple distributes firmware updates for its in-house AirPods, AirPods Pro and AirPods Max. However, these cannot be installed manually at the customer's request. Instead, the installation process runs automatically in the background via the iPhone or iPad, without any possibility of intervention. So there is no way, for example, to import bug fixes as quickly as possible, you are at the mercy of the automatic system for better or for worse. Until now, because now there is an explicit firmware updater for the AirPods , as the well-known leaker "Fudge" reports (source: Twitter via 9to5Mac).

This software finally makes it possible to install firmware updates for the AirPods manually , as already mentioned, a long-held customer request. How exactly this should work is currently not known, because there is a rather powerful catch: Customers get nothing, only Apple's technicians have access to the firmware updater. The existence of the software remains "secret" for normal customers.

Apple's latest AirPods in the video, now the 3rd generation:

Alone for Apple's technicians

This allows service technicians at the Apple Store to restore and update the firmware if there is a problem with the AirPods to fix the problem without having to replace the product. It would also be conceivable if users only use their AirPods with Android smartphones, for example - the automatic firmware update is unfortunately not available here.

In short: Apple already fulfills a hot customer request and then withholds the desired software. Only those who have problems and use Apple's service come into contact with Apple's new firmware tool. It's a shame, somehow.


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