Apple s patience pays off: the flop is still a box-office hit

Apple s patience pays off: the flop is still a box-office hit

Perseverance sometimes pays off: Apple is currently celebrating a surprising success with its HomePod Mini, as figures from the third quarter of 2021 show. Another smart speaker was able to sell even more often.

When Apple presented the original HomePod at WWDC 2017, the journalists present were amazed. The sound was far superior to all competing models and clearly demonstrated Apple's sound expertise. But the price was also superior: At the start of Germany, the HomePod cost 349 euros more than the Amazon Echo or Google Home. Customer response was correspondingly poor, and Apple finally pulled the plug this year. Apple seems to have drawn the right conclusions from the flop.

HomePod Mini: Apple celebrates surprising success

There is no other explanation for the success that the HomePod Mini was able to achieve in the third quarter of 2021. Hardly any other smart speaker sold better between July and September of this year, according to the market researchers from Strategy Analytics. In the top 10 of the best-selling smart devices (with and without a display) , the HomePod Mini takes second place and only has to admit defeat to Google's Nest Mini (source: Strategy Analytics)

During the period mentioned, Apple was able to almost double its own market share . From 5.9 percent in the same quarter of the previous year to 10.2 percent in the third quarter of 2021 - a real success for Cupertino, which shows that the stamina with smart speakers has paid off.

What the HomePod Mini can do:

A low price makes the HomePod Mini's success possible

The success of the HomePod Mini is mainly due to the low price . With an RRP of 99 euros, the small Apple loudspeaker costs more than the competition, but the price premium is no longer as heavy as its big brother. In the past few weeks, the HomePod has often been cheaper - as is currently the case with MediaMarkt. The HomePod Mini is available there in different colors for 84 euros (see MediaMarkt).


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