Apple iPhone 13 Pro with 40 GB 5G: A great phone in the top tariff

Apple iPhone 13 Pro with 40 GB 5G: A great phone in the top tariff

Are you interested in the new iPhone 13 Pro? Then you should stop by Curved right now. There you get the top smartphone from Apple including 40 GB data volume and all-network and SMS flat rate at a low price. xiaomist does the math and reveals why the deal is so good.

Apple iPhone 13 Pro including 40 GB in the CO2 network

At the online mobile phone retailer Curved you are currently getting the iPhone 13 Pro (128 GB) with the "Free M Boost" tariff including 5G-capable 40 GB data volume as well as all-network and SMS flat rates in the network from o2 for 62.99 euros per month plus One-time 5.99 euros (additional payment for the smartphone + shipping costs). In addition, you can secure a 100 Euro change bonus when you take your phone number with you. The popular smartphone can be selected in 4 different colors.

The iPhone 13 Pro has a 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR display with a variable refresh rate between 10 and 120 Hz for an even smoother display and razor-sharp images. Particular attention was paid to the camera lenses in the Pro: The triple camera has new sensors and lenses and allows up to 6x optical zoom.

You can read more details about the new iPhone 13 Pro here:

Overview of tariff details

Tariff: "Free M Boost 40 GB" Network: o2 40 GB LTE (up to 500 MBit / s incl. 5G ) Allnet and SMS flat rate 24 months contract period, 3 months' notice, 100 euro change bonus if you take your phone number with you (optional)

We'll show you what the iPhone 13 Pro can do in the following video:

The following costs await you:

Basic fee: 24 × 62.99 euros per month One-time additional payment for the smartphone: 1 euro Connection fee: free shipping costs: 4.99 euros
= 1,517.75 euros total costs after 24 months

iPhone 13 Pro in the tariff check: That's why the offer is so good

According to, the iPhone 13 Pro (128 GB) smartphone currently costs at least around 1,140 euros from trusted retailers. If you subtract this from the total cost of 1,512.76 euros (after 24 months) for the tariff, you still have 377.75 euros left. This means that you actually pay 15.74 euros per month for the 5G tariff with 40 GB in the o2 network. If you take the € 100 exchange bonus with you, the effective price is even reduced to € 11.57 per month. For comparison: For a mobile phone contract with similar conditions you pay significantly more with o2.

The bill with the low price only works if you cancel at the end of the minimum contract period. If you should forget that, however, the contract is not extended for another year, but can be canceled on a monthly basis.


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