Apple expert explains: Why we are still missing this iPad

Apple expert explains: Why we are still missing this iPad

The iPad is undoubtedly one of Apple's success stories. It appears as Pro, Air, mini and in the standard version, but for Apple expert Mark Gurman that is not enough. A new version could fill a loophole that Apple has so far neglected.

In the tablet market, the competition does not fool Apple so quickly. The iPad has been in a league of its own for years. But Apple expert Mark Gurman from Bloomberg says: Apple has left a gap with its iPads. If you fill that up, Apple could offer customers a whole new experience.

Apple experts see room for the giant iPad

We are talking about a control center for Apple applications at home. From an oversized iPad that is to become the first point of contact for digital services. What Gurman has in mind is Apple's own version of Amazon's Echo Show 15 - just a little better as Apple sees itself.

At 12.9 inches on the iPad Pro, it's currently over. Gurman, who was able to test out the Echo Show, says the size advantage promises versatility. Checking memories, checking recordings from security cameras, controlling the smart home, streaming videos, tracking the weather - nothing new, but the size of the display makes it more convenient.

With a large iPad, Apple could continue to develop the digital home that has been neglected up to now (source: Bloomberg). Gurman expects that in this case a lot would be done better: a better display and camera, a slimmer design than Amazon and access to the App Store could give Apple decisive advantages. Apple is already familiar with integrating its devices into its own ecosystem .

Out of competition: Amazon and Apple would not cross each other

But Apple would be faced with two hurdles: The first affects customers above all, because if Apple doesn't cut corners on quality , a 15-inch iPad should be really expensive. Amazon's Echo Show will soon be available for just 249.99 euros (watch it on Amazon). Since the top-of-the-range iPad Pro already costs over 2,500 euros, a multiple of this would have to be expected from Apple.

What Amazon Echo Show 15 can do, Apple should also take as a model:

Second, Apple would have to do a lot more with Siri . When it comes to home assistants, Alexa (Amazon) and the Google Assistant are currently clearly ahead, while Apple's counterpart cannot keep up technically. We would also be happy about an XL iPad - even if we prefer one that can convince in terms of price.


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