Apple does not come to rest: the new MacBook Pro is causing problems again

Apple does not come to rest: the new MacBook Pro is causing problems again

Is the MacBook Pro developing into a problem child for Apple? The reports of quirks and shortcomings in Apple's new professional notebooks persist. Ironically, the long-awaited SD card slot is now in the crossfire of criticism.

With the new MacBook Pro models, Apple has actually hit the bull's eye. The revised notebooks with 14- and 16-inch screen diagonals have received unanimous praise, apart from the rather steep price. A few weeks after the market launch, however, the first scratches appear in the paint.

MacBook Pro 14 and 16 inches: complaints about SD card slot

The latest complaint revolves around the SD card slot in the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro (MacRumors). It should work anything but reliable, as reported by several members in the MacRumors forum. There is talk of total failures, unnaturally slow access times, crashes from the finder and other quirks and deficiencies. A common thread has not yet been identified, the errors occur across the board.

A fault with the SD card itself can probably be ruled out . The memory cards should function properly when connected to a USB-C slot using an SD card reader. Apple is said to already know about the problems with the SD card slot, according to an affected user, and to work on a fix for macOS 12 Monteray. It is not yet known when the update will come.

Concerning: Another affected MacBook user reports that the SD card slot on his replacement device works flawlessly. That at least suggests that it might be more than just a software problem .

Apple's powerful M1 chip works in the new MacBooks:

No official statement from Apple yet

So far, Apple has not issued an official statement on the problems related to the SD card slot in the new MacBook Pro models. It is therefore also unclear how widespread they are . However, since there were complaints about the MagSafe connection recently, the new notebooks can no longer be considered a dream start.


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