Apple cracker: secure AirPods Pro incl. 20 € MediaMarkt voucher

Apple cracker: secure AirPods Pro incl. 20 € MediaMarkt voucher

At MediaMarkt, the popular AirPods Pro from Apple are not only heavily discounted, you also get a 20 euro voucher for free. Anyone who buys directly from Apple now, which is almost 90 euros more expensive, must be crazy. xiaomist has the details.

Apple's AirPods Pro: Cheaper with a voucher

When buying Apple AirPods Pro, you can now save over 16 percent. The offer is valid until December 18, 2021 in the MediaMarkt online shop: the Apple AirPods Pro now only cost 199 euros . On top of that, you will receive a 20 euro voucher that you can redeem for your next purchase at MediaMarkt.

This would also be the best rate at the moment, as a look at the price comparison at Idealo reveals. Almost every retailer currently sells them for at least 214 euros.

This is how you get the 20 Euro MediaMarkt voucher

In addition to the low price, you can also get a 20 Euro MediaMarkt voucher if you buy the Air Pods in the Media Markt online shop by December 18, 2021, 7:59 p.m. The coupon code will be sent to the e-mail address used for the purchase after the cancellation period has expired.

As a new customer, you can also get a 10 euro voucher through the MediaMarkt newsletter. You can find out what to watch out for at xiaomist.

Apple AirPods Pro: is it worth buying?

Technically, the new AirPods Pro are convincing, because the first tests certify the headphones with a very good result. If you are looking for true wireless headphones with active noise cancellation, you cannot get past the AirPods Pro at the moment. In contrast to the "normal" AirPods of the second generation, the Pro version also offers comprehensive protection against sweat and water.

The AirPods Pro in a xiaomist comparison:

In short: it doesn't get any better (currently). Ergo: The purchase is generally worthwhile for audiophile contemporaries who do not want to bother with heavy headphones.


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