Apple 2022: the next revolution is on the way

Apple 2022: the next revolution is on the way

The iPhone, the iPad, the Apple Watch - Apple's large and revolutionary products determine our everyday life. But what follows after that? Looks like the Californian manufacturer wants to reveal the big secret next summer. An insider reveals more.

Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman is no stranger. The Apple expert has been shining with insider knowledge for years, and his reports are accordingly relevant. According to his latest announcement, Apple could already show us its own vision of the future at the WWDC (Apple's developer conference) in the summer , manifested in the announcement of a headset for AR and VR applications (source: Bloomberg).

Apple's mixed reality headset: premiere at WWDC 2022

Such a mixed reality headset has been haunted the rumor mill for some time, most recently the no less well-informed Ming-Chi Kuo confirmed the existence of such a device. Gurman, in turn, now specifies this statement. But be careful: even if Apple has revealed the secret in the summer and presents the data glasses to the public, you will not be able to buy them yet. So Apple initially only shows us a small foretaste, the actual product launch should then take place at the end of 2022 at the earliest or even in the course of the following year .

Microsoft, of all people, has more experience than Apple when it comes to mixed reality:

This would not be so unusual for Apple, in the past there were always several days, weeks, even months between the presentation and the start of sales for really new, innovative products. We remember:

iPhone (2007): 171 days iPad (2010): 66 days Apple Watch (2014, 2015): 227 days

Apple has good reasons to do the same with the expected mixed reality headset. For example, secrecy can be implemented better , because you do not have to submit anything to the respective approval authorities at this point, everything remains under lock and key and cannot "escape". Perhaps even more important: you have to take the developers outside of Apple with you , they need time for their apps and applications. Because one thing is clear: a new platform without content is doomed to failure.

At this point in time there are still a lot of ambiguities. So it is still possible that Apple will present two solutions - cheap AR glasses and the aforementioned mixed reality headset, which will be much more expensive.

Looks familiar to us, xiaomist also dared a comparable look into the future of Apple:

The iPhone could be replaced

Either way: The course will be set for Apple's future in the next few months, because Apple expert Ming-Chi Kuo recently even assumed that such an AR device will replace the iPhone in ten years, according to Apple's secret plans . Ergo: The presentation at WWDC in summer 2022 could therefore be Apple's biggest announcement since the iPhone.


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