Apple 2022: Forget the iPhone 14, my real highlight for next year

Apple 2022: Forget the iPhone 14, my real highlight for next year

What a year 2021, apart from the ever-defining corona pandemic, Apple delighted us with a range of new products. The new year won't be any less exciting. But I'm less interested in the upcoming iPhone 14, because the real highlight is a different device. More on this in the current issue of the weekend column.

What can we expect from Apple in 2022 and which of them will inspire me personally? Numerous hardware updates, but also completely new editions, have already been predicted. But probably none of it will really inspire me, rather I and quite incidentally some experts are speculating on a completely different high point.

Apple 2022: New iPhones, Macs and more

But for the sake of completeness, let's first tick off the "normal" Apple innovations for 2022. The third generation iPhone SE remains true to itself and will only shine with a new chip and 5G modem. The iPhone 14, on the other hand, could do without the notch at least in the Pro model and thus set new highlights, but since I recently treated myself to the iPhone 13 and plan to use it again for several years in the interests of sustainability, the innovations interest me very little .

With the iPad there are probably only updates, especially the iPad Air needs to be brought up to date again. It's getting more exciting with the Apple Watch 8 , with a bit of luck we will get the long-awaited design update in 2022, which Apple still refuses to give us with the current model. Then there are the second generation AirPods Pro, nice but not necessarily suitable for getting my heart rate up.

My thoughts on the weekend: The column would like to provide food for thought and reflect the "flood of news" of the week towards the end. A small selection of the previous articles in the column:

Tell me Disney, don't you want my money? When vaccination is compulsory, the following applies: digital is better! Big iPad for little money: is Apple ignoring this wish?

The changes in the Mac portfolio should have a bigger impact:

MacBook Air, which is probably only called MacBook, in the new design Mac mini also in a new, colorful design iMac Pro with Apple chip, larger 27-inch screen and ProMotion display (120 Hz) Mac Pro finally with Apple chips and also in the new, more compact housing 3 new Apple displays as the perfect addition (24, 27 and 32 inches)

I would most likely be interested in the new MacBook, after the MacBook Pro's price exceeded the target this year. But even the Mac will not elicit any screams of enthusiasm in 2022. Then what then?

Years ago Microsoft tried its luck with a mixed reality headset, with Apple the breakthrough could come:

My highlight: There's something on the nose from Apple

2022 could end up being a year that could be integrated into the series of 2014, 2010, 2007, 2001, 1998 and 1984. Apple fans know what I'm aiming for, because in each of those years Apple showed us a revolutionary product - the Mac, the iMac, the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad and, most recently, the Apple Watch. So what will we see next year?

The rumor mill predicts the first mixed reality headset from Apple , data glasses that bring artificial and augmented reality together. So far, something like this has been more of a gimmick, but Apple could show the industry how sensible you could actually use such a gadget. The existing app infrastructure is of course a decisive advantage. Experts even claim to have heard that Apple would like to replace the iPhone with such a device in ten years' time.

A small, playful prediction for Apple through 2042:

Sounds crazy and too far-fetched? I don't think so, because something similar could be heard in the run-up to the iPhone presentation. What still seems fantastic today may, however, become reality in the future. Even if I will most likely not buy the first headset from Apple yet, I am so happy about the willingness to innovate on display. For me it is already clear: It will be the Apple highlight in 2022.


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