Android 13: Google is planning a practical app feature

Android 13: Google is planning a practical app feature

Android 13 is not yet within reach, but information about an interesting function has already been leaked. Google is therefore planning a "panlingual" setting that multilingual users have been waiting for for a long time. Language settings become more individual.

Android 13: Set the language depending on the app

In October 2021, Google released Android 12 and smartphone manufacturers are working hard to distribute the new version. It will take some time until Android 13 is around the corner, but the first information is already seeping through. Now "a trustworthy source" would like to know that Google would like to customize the language settings of apps (source: Android Police).

Google apparently envisions the whole thing in such a way that users no longer simply specify a system language on Android, according to which apps on the phone are then directed. Instead, bilingual and multilingual people are given at least the option of defining language settings via the app. Android itself could be set to German, while the YouTube app is displayed in English.

Some apps offer their own settings for the language used, but these can only be found in the app itself (such as on Google Maps). With Android 13, the system could provide such options centrally for all apps in one place. Users no longer have to shimmy through app menus.

In the video: That has all changed with Android 12.

Google: Focus on multilingualism on Android

With Android 13, Google could continue what started with Android 12. Not only is there an improved API for translations , but at least on the Pixel 6 there is also the "Live Translate" feature. Spoken texts can thus be translated directly into other languages. You don't even need an internet connection.


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