Android 12 for cheap cell phones: Google introduces the new Go edition

Android 12 for cheap cell phones: Google introduces the new Go edition

Google has announced a new version of Android Go. This will mainly be used on cell phones with a rather poor equipment. "Android 12 (Go Edition)" is designed to protect the battery and save storage space.

Android 12: New Go Edition will be released in 2022

After the release of Android 12 and a first look at Android 12L, Google now has its sights set on cheap mobile phones. A new Go edition for smartphones with weaker hardware has now been announced and is to be released in 2022. Google has not given a more precise point in time. The Go edition is intended for phones with 2 GB of RAM or less .

Android Go has been around since 2017 and, according to the company, can now be found on over 200 million mobile phones. With the next version, users will not only have access to existing functions of Android 12, but will also be able to look forward to a few special features (source: Google).

According to Google, apps with the new Android Go start up to 30 percent faster than its predecessor. In order to save the battery and ensure a longer runtime, Google has revised the app management. If apps are inactive for a long time, they are put to sleep without further ado. "Files Go" should be able to easily restore deleted files within 30 days.

In the video you can see what has changed with Android 12. The innovations will also be available in the Go edition.

Safer on the go with Android 12 (Go Edition)

With Android 12, Google introduced many new privacy protection functions. These will also be found in the Go edition. This includes the new privacy dashboard, which can also now be retrofitted via an app. In the status bar, users can see at a glance whether apps currently have access to the camera and / or the microphone.


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