Amazon sells Android tablets with 10.1 inches at an absolute bargain price

Amazon sells Android tablets with 10.1 inches at an absolute bargain price

If you are looking for an Android tablet that is as cheap as possible, but not too small, you can currently access Amazon. The Lenovo Tab M10 is sold there for the absolute best price. You can never get an Android tablet that cheap.

Amazon sells the Lenovo Tab M10 for just 87 euros

A 10.1-inch Android tablet for only 87 euros? Something must be wrong. It isn't, because the Lenovo Tab M10 is sold at Amazon for exactly this price. Usually you have to pay almost 120 euros for this. The price for the Android tablet was only reduced to 87 euros for a short time (see Amazon).

The tablet is currently still in stock, but of course it could sell out quickly given the low price. Amazon guarantees delivery before Christmas, so this Android tablet can also be used as a Christmas present .

How you can set up your Android and Google accounts on the tablet:

What good is the Android tablet from Lenovo?

At a price of 87 euros, of course, you shouldn't expect any miracles. With the Lenovo Tab M10, you get an absolutely basic device with which you can surf the Internet, watch videos and play simple games. This happens on a 10.1-inch display with HD resolution . A quad-core processor is built in, with 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory available. Android 10 is preinstalled as the operating system.

That doesn't sound at all useful at first, but some buyers are quite satisfied. Of course, you can't claim to get an iPad alternative for 87 euros. This Android tablet costs 1/4 the price of an iPad . As an entry-level tablet and perhaps for children to play with, the Lenovo Tab M10 is ideal. However, you should upgrade the memory with a memory card, then you can definitely do something with the tablet. Of course, those who expect more have to dig deeper into their pockets.


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