5G free: Vodafone gets even more out of the top tariff

5G free: Vodafone gets even more out of the top tariff

The Vodafone CallYa Digital tariff is one of the provider's flexible and therefore more user-friendly offers: easy to cancel, a decent price - and Vodafone will add a little more from tomorrow in terms of price-performance ratio. From December 8th, customers will surf with 5G at no extra charge.

Vodafone is giving away 5G: Option is free at CallYa Digital

With the CallYa Digital tariff, Vodafone makes it easy for customers: A tariff for four weeks, it can be paused at any time or canceled monthly (see Vodafone). For 15 GB you pay 20 euros , get a telephone and SMS flat rate and surf the 4G network with the maximum available speeds (up to 500 Mbit / s in the ideal case). At least that's what it looks like so far.

Because from tomorrow, Wednesday, December 8th, Vodafone will adjust its flexible tariff. Instead of charging an extra 2.99 euros for four weeks of surfing the 5G network, as was previously the case , the provider simply omits the surcharge . So where the 5G network from Vodafone is already available, you get even faster internet speed for free.

This also eliminates a small cost trap: if you previously only wanted to use the 5G network for a short period of time, the option had to be debited again manually , as is possible with the entire prepaid tariff. Of course, the prerequisite is that your smartphone is also 5G-capable.

Practical for bargain hunters: if you have used up your data volume, there is no automatic renewal that will cause you extra costs. Instead, you surf at no additional cost, but then only at 32 kbit / s. You can book additional data volume at any time using the associated Vodafone app.

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Simply cancel or pause: the benefits of the Vodafone tariff are retained

Strictly speaking, CallYa Digital is a prepaid model - but the automatic direct debit, which is used here as standard, makes it easier for you to always be available with certainty. Thanks to the monthly cancellation option, you still have control over your expenses if your wallet should run out. You can also change the payment method after booking, according to Vodafone.

For changes to the contract, for example if you want to take a break or book something, use the "MeinVodafone" app or register online in the "MeinVodafone" customer portal.


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