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Oukitel WP33 Pro Rugged Phone has the Highest 136dB Loudspeaker

The Oukitel WP33 Pro is not just a rugged phone; it has the loudest digital loudspeaker ever. It comes with a 136dB loud speaker, ensuring your audio experience is as immersive as your visual journey. The device is powered by MTK Dimensity 6100+, 24GB RAM, 256GB built-in storage, 22000mAh battery, and 33W fast charging. Surprisingly … The post Oukitel WP33 Pro Rugged Phone has the Highest 136dB Loudspeaker appeared first on XiaomiToday .

Google Pixel 6 Pro: Slow loading is an intended feature

Since its launch, the Google Pixel 6 series has been plagued by a number of problems that have gradually emerged. So... The post Google Pixel 6 Pro: Slow Charging is an Intended Feature first appeared on xiaomist's blog .

{Disarmed} What we would like Xiaomi to present during 2022

The year 2021 has been one of the great years of Xiaomi, but everything is coming to an end and we already have to put our mind on what the brand prepares us for next 2022. With the latest launch of the Xiaomi 12 family presented in China , the Asian firm has registered one of the great years in its history, setting milestones such as becoming the largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world during the month of July or becoming the second largest manufacturer in Europe with a growth of more than 50%. With all this, it seems that the Asian firm wants to continue growing in the next 2022, and from xiaomist we wanted to make our own bets to tell you what we would like Xiaomi to present in the next year to which you can also join from the section of comments. {"videoId":"x85cr8y","autoplay":true,"title":"EL MEJOR MÓVIL de Xiaomi en 2021 - Comparativa CALIDAD PRECIO"}

redmi note 8

after ota updated miui 12 my mobile charged only in switched off and i on mobile its work fine but after unplug it never connect again then again reboot for charging

{Disarmed} That s how easy it is to customize the clock on your mobile s lock screen

MIUI is one of the most customizable operating systems out there . Perhaps you have ever wondered if it is possible to customize the clock that appears on the lock screen of your mobile, so that you can put it to your liking in a very simple way. Today we show you how to do it. How to customize the home screen clock {"videoId":"x86ljh4","autoplay":true,"title":"Xiaomi 12 Diseño"} Customizing the lock screen clock is very simple, you can choose between different default styles and even put the text you want. You just have to follow the following steps: Open " Settings ". Go to the " Always-on screen and Lock screen " section. Choose the " Lock screen clock format " option. Then you will see the time integrated into different designs so that you can choose the one you like the most. To include the text you want, you just hav

Apple stamps cult design: This is how the AirPods Pro 2 should look

A real design era is drawing to a close: With the AirPods Pro 2, Apple is to rely on a completely new look. The iconic stem design is probably a thing of the past. Competitor Samsung shows what this could look like. When Apple presented the AirPods in 2016, there was a lot of laughter. Above all, the elongated stems, often mocked as toothbrush heads, caused a lot of malice. But no one laughs for five years: the AirPods design has become an icon that has been copied more than once. This could end as early as 2022 - at least for the Pro models. AirPods Pro 2 should get a new look without stems This is what the renowned Apple insider Ming Chi-Kuo claims (source: MacRumors). According to Kuo, the new AirPods Pro 2, which will hit the market in autumn 2022, will get a whole new design . Accordingly, Apple throws the iconic stalks overboard, instead the new in-ear headphones should be based on the appearance of the Beats Fit Pro . A bracket for a better hold in the ear, as used by the

Bill Gates chatted: That s why the Microsoft founder has an Android cell phone

Bill Gates actually has enough money for an iPhone. Nevertheless, he prefers to use Android smartphones instead of cell phones from Apple. The founder of Microsoft also let himself be carried away to other statements in an interview. Bill Gates says: Better Android than iPhones In an interview about Clubhouse, Bill Gates revealed to a journalist that he himself uses a mobile phone with Android as the operating system. He didn't want to reveal what that was exactly. But he has little objection to iPhones. He would "often play around" with them, but would prefer to use an Android cell phone in everyday life. The Microsoft founder doesn't want to be bothered by the fact that the Clubhouse app was only available for iPhones for a long time. Unfortunately, it will remain a secret whether he himself had an iPhone in his hand during the interview. He also prefers Android because he wants to " keep track of everything " (source: Curved). According to Gates, it

New Year s Eve sayings 2021/22: The 35 best New Year wishes for WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS

The year 2021 is approaching and 2022 is eagerly awaited. And as every year, there are resolutions that are no longer remembered on January 2nd. Unless you use these 35 best New Year's wishes that we could find or write. Just click on the link "Send this saying via WhatsApp" under your favorite saying to send it to your loved ones, family or friends. Best New Years greetings, fire at ease! Beautiful New Year's Eve sayings 2021/22 - sun, moon and stars Send this saying quickly and easily: Click on the following link, select the WhatsApp contact and tap on "Send" (only works with mobile devices). Send this saying via WhatsApp Sun, moon and stars, everything is far away but the good is very close a happy new year! Send this saying quickly and easily: Click on the following link, select the WhatsApp contact and tap on "Send" (only works with mobile devices). Send this saying via WhatsApp Rockets shoot across the sky stars shimmer clearly beh

xiaomist s blog wishes a Happy New Year 2022 and thanks all readers!

Another year is over so quickly. 2021 really went by in a flash. And it was another difficult year ... xiaomist's blog wishes a Happy New Year 2022 and thanks all readers! first appeared on xiaomist's blog .

Huawei reports a 29 percent drop in sales this year

The Chinese manufacturer Huawei announced on Friday that its annual sales have fallen by almost a third compared to the previous year ... The article Huawei reports 29 percent drop in sales this year first appeared on xiaomist's blog .

Samsung Galaxy A71 gets patch October 2021 [A715FXXS7BUJ1]

The Samsung Galaxy A71 is also getting a new security patch. The October 2021 patch is now available for users of the ... The article Samsung Galaxy A71 gets patch in October 2021 [A715FXXS7BUJ1] first appeared on xiaomist's blog .

OnePlus 10 Pro: These are the complete technical data

And there is another leak on the upcoming OnePlus 10 Pro. After a first teaser yesterday ... The OnePlus 10 Pro: These are the complete technical data first appeared on xiaomist's blog .

MIUI 13 will also come to all these Xiaomi with more than two years old (although with a but)

Although Xiaomi has not yet published the complete list with all those devices that will update to MIUI 13 , different developers from China have announced that they will launch their own update for several devices with more than two years old. Fortunately, Xiaomi has a large community and although the company itself will not bring MIUI 13 to all its smartphones, this new version will be able to reach devices as old as the Xiaomi Mi 6 as a Custom ROM. All these Xiaomi will also receive MIUI 13 In detail, MIUI 13 can be installed in the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 and Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S . Likewise, an unofficial version will also be developed for the Xiaomi Mi 6 , the Xiaomi Mi 8 and even the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4. For the Xiaomi Mi 6, Mi Mix 2S and Mi Pad 4, this unofficial version of MIUI 13 will arrive in the coming weeks , while for the Xiaomi Mi 8 and Mi Mix 2 it will do so in the coming months. After that, it will be necessary to see if a developer can adapt this update for use outside of

New rumors would confirm Xiaomi s association with Leica for the launch of the Xiaomi 12 Ultra

Again the latest rumors suggest that Xiaomi could have partnered with Leica for the development of the Xiaomi 12 Ultra camera , a terminal that we would see debut in early 2022 and whose camera could exceed all expectations. So at least they do not detail it from MyDrivers , stating that the Xiaomi 12 Ultra camera would be signed by Leica, thus giving it an extra quality and probably positioning this device as one of the best in terms of photography . Xiaomi 12 Ultra, with Leica camera to overcome everything previously seen This new rumor comes from the hand of Digital Chat Station , a renowned informant specialized in Xiaomi, who also ensures that the Xiaomi 12 Ultra will debut in early 2022 , probably after the spring festival held in China (February 1, 2022). Possible design of the Xiaomi 12 Ultra If so, the Xiaomi 12 Ultra could position itself as a leader in platforms such as DxOMark , offering one of the best photographic experiences on the market in the hands of a term

Xiaomi launches its first gas water heater with smart functions

Xiaomi Mijia Zero Cold Water Gas Water Heater S1 , this is the name of the first gas or gas water heater, which Xiaomi incorporates into its extensive catalog and which also has various smart functions. In itself we are faced with a water heater with a minimalist design, whose capacity amounts to 18 liters . In addition, it has an instant heating system , providing hot water as soon as you turn on the tap. Xiaomi Mijia Zero Cold Water Gas Water Heater S1, features and price The new Xiaomi Mijia Zero Cold Water Gas Water Heater S1 arrives on the market together with a variable frequency water pump , allowing temperature control with an accuracy of up to 0.5ºC . Furthermore, this new gas heater has a total of four quick activation modes : adult wash (43ºC), comfortable wash (41ºC), children's wash (39ºC) and kitchen use (36ºC). To everything seen, certain intelligent functions are added, allowing us to control and manage them from our smartphone thanks to its WiFi connecti

Xiaomi s oil-free fryer receives its first price drop on Amazon

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer has become one of Xiaomi's most desired products. Beyond being a simple fryer without oil, we are faced with an intelligent product capable of making all kinds of recipes and that has also received its first price drop on Amazon. Although the Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer is usually sold for about 99.99 euros, now we can buy it on Amazon for 85.99 euros , that is, 14 euros cheaper , which would be a discount of 14%. Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer, everything it offers us The Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer 3.5L is intended for those who lead busy lives, but who do not renounce their commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Thanks to its oil-free operation, we can achieve delicious and healthy fried foods. This fryer can be easily controlled remotely, further allowing a temperature setting between 40 ° C and 200 ° C for a perfect result. The app also offers more than 100 different recipe ideas. Beyond that, the Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer allows us to program its

{Disarmed} Xiaomi TV P1E 55 at knockdown price and other special offers for New Year s Eve 2021: Hunting Bargains

A 2021 full of bargains and offers ends and another year begins that we hope will be even better. While you prepare the grapes, cool the bottles and check that the oven program is not the wrong one, we have dived all over the internet to bring you the best bargains of the week . Take advantage of your Kings purchases! Xiaomi Smart TV P1E 55 inches lowered 150 eurazos The Xiaomi TV P1E is Xiaomi's new family of televisions. The 55-inch model is the most advanced in this new series, equipped with a 4K resolution panel and a native 60Hz refresh that is compatible with MEMC, 2GB of RAM to manage hundreds of apps, 20W of power bye, 3 HDMI, one of them 2.0, three USB, support for dual band WiFi, Netflix AV1 codec and HDR And its price could not be more suggestive: in Mediamark we just found it for 399 euros , compared to its official price of 549 euros . An ideal discount to go for it and renew TV. Xiaomi Smart TV P1E