Xiaomi wants to bring the most beautiful Android smartphone to date to us

Xiaomi wants to bring the most beautiful Android smartphone to date to us

Xiaomi continues to diligently launch new Android smartphones. Not all of them find their way to us, which is a real shame, especially with one model. It is considered to be the most beautiful mobile phone from the Chinese manufacturer to date. Now the tide could turn.

Xiaomi Civi: beautiful smartphone could come to Europe

At the end of September, Xiaomi presented the new Civi series, which so far only consists of a smartphone. This smartphone shouldn't actually come to Germany. But now you hear from China that Xiaomi is preparing two versions of the Civi for Europe (source: Twitter). Xiaomi is also not bringing the CC series to Europe under the name, so one can assume that the Civi will also be given a different name in this country .

Xiaomi would further strengthen its position in the middle class with two Civi smartphones in Europe. The first device with a beautiful and slim design caused a sensation, because you really get a look that you would otherwise have to pay much more expensive with Samsung and Co. Here, Xiaomi is again breaking a tradition according to which properties from top smartphones are brought into the middle class .

That will put even more pressure on the competition. The Redmi Note 10 Pro from Xiaomi is already causing enthusiasm with its new design and high-end features such as the 108 MP camera and 120 watt fast charging function are also integrated there. You only have to pay a whopping 300 euros for this smartphone, instead of 600 to over 1,000 euros as before. The Chinese company is pushing prices down again massively.

The beautiful Xiaomi Civi presented in the video :

Xiaomi wants to become the world's largest smartphone manufacturer

Xiaomi has ambitious goals. In just three years, they want to become the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. This could also work well with the smartphones that Xiaomi is recently launching more and more on the market.


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