Xiaomi prepares its first smart desk chair with real-time adjustment

Apparently Xiaomi is in the middle of developing its first desk chair . A product that to date the firm had not launched any model, but that we could see shortly as revealed by the latest patent registered by it.

As we can read through ITHome , Xiaomi has registered a new patent in which the operation of a curious intelligent functioning desk chair is detailed, capable of adjusting its height and backrest automatically.

Xiaomi's first smart desk chair

This first Xiaomi chair would be able to adjust its height and back position in real time, all depending on the environment, our position and the activity we are doing , be it playing, studying or watching a movie in a relaxed way.

Xiaomi prepara su primera silla de escritorio inteligente con ajuste de altura automático. Noticias Xiaomi A
Patent registered by Xiaomi

In this way, this first Xiaomi desk chair would become totally intelligent in terms of operation, allowing in turn, from Xiaomi Home, to control certain parameters such as height, backrest inclination or wheel lock.

Of course, at the moment it is only a simple patent so we will still have to wait some time until the firm makes this interesting product a reality, launching itself first in the Chinese market.

Via | ITHome

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