Xiaomi offers one of the best IoT security in the world

Xiaomi has recently been ranked top in IoT security by the Internet of Things Foundation (IoTSF). The group said that Xiaomi is among the best in the world in terms of its IoT security policy.

The Chinese tech giant attended the IoTSF 2021 virtual conference earlier this month, which focused on IoT cybersecurity. And as AIoT is currently the largest consumer platform in the world, it shared its insights into IoT security at the event. Now, the IoTSF has released a new report showing that Xiaomi is one of the best companies to implement vulnerability disclosure policies, highlighting Xiaomi's leading position in IoT security.

Xiaomi IoT security

It should be noted that the IoTSF was established in 2015 to address the growing threats of IoT programs. Currently, the group has more than 100 members, including major companies such as ARM, Cisco, BSI, Mastercard, etc., who are interested in finding ways to protect IoT security. At the event, the group also discussed various issues related to IoT security issues and shared the latest research and innovations in this field that help build a secure and reliable IoT ecosystem.

The IoTSF also shared a list of companies reporting vulnerability disclosures. According to the report, Xiaomi was on the "green list" of companies that meet the basic requirements as well as the "extended IoTSF threshold test". The other top 20 companies are: Google, LG, Microsoft, Bush, BT, Canon, Panasonic and more.


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