Xiaomi Mi Smart Camera PTZ 2: The new 360 ° security camera

After the launch of the PTZ and PTZ Pro in 2020, now, Xiaomi has announced the new Xiaomi Mi Smart Camera PTZ 2. We are talking about a complete, high-quality IP camera at a super attractive price .

Cámara inteligente Xiaomi Mi PTZ 2

Xiaomi Mi Smart Camera PTZ 2 What is its design and features?

As expected, the new PTZ security camera from the Chinese house has several better ones, compared to previous models.

The images that we can capture are much sharper , thanks to the change in resolution, from 2K to 2.5K ; while its sensor in the camera is 4 MP and, of course, AI functionality.

Another aspect that draws attention is that it has a PAN / TILT / ZOOM module that has the possibility of being placed both vertically and horizontally.

Xiaomi Mi PTZ 2 Smart Camera

We cannot fail to mention, likewise, its MJA1 image sensor, which thanks to the support of AI technology (Artificial Intelligence) , practically any shot that is taken will give us a quality image, even with saturated colors and in spaces with poor lighting.

This security camera is complemented by a microphone, a speaker and the possibility of saving photos and videos in microSD or in the cloud .

What is the price and availability of the Xiaomi Mi Smart Camera PTZ 2 security camera?

At the moment, it is not yet available for sale in the West , although, most likely, we will be able to acquire it in the coming weeks.

As for the price, it is at 229 yuan, something like 30 euros at the current exchange rate, an ideal price for a camera of these characteristics.

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Xiaomi Mi PTZ 2 Smart Camera


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