Xiaomi launches mijia smart dehumidifier

Recently, a new Mijia product was launched on Xiaomi youpin financing platform. This new product is called mijia 22 liter smart dehumidifier, which is also available in Xiaomi Mall.

Mijia Smart Dehumidifier is the company's newest smart home device that offers up to 8 hours of continuous dehumidification and supports working without the need to drain water. This new dehumidifier comes with a remarkable capacity of 22 liters, which allows it to work continuously for several hours. During operation, when it notices that its tank is full, it can stop automatically to prevent water from overflowing. In addition, it can be connected directly to an external pipe that allows it to drain the dehydrated tank directly, without having to worry about filling the water and turning off the device to manually drain the tank.

Notably, Mijia has placed rollers on the bottom of the device to make it easier to move in different places. The device offers three different modes, an intelligent mode in which it uses a high-precision temperature and humidity sensor for automatic dehumidification, a drying mode that continuously dehumidifies at the maximum level, and a sleep mode, which It works with a sound of a little 35.5 decibels so as not to disturb the users' sleep.

Currently, the device is available on the youpin and Xiaomi Mall platforms and is priced at 1,499 yuan (approximately US $ 234), but is priced at 1,299 yuan (approximately US $ 203) during the financing period. Because it is a smart product, it supports the Mijia app with XiaoAI Smart Voice Assistant. It can even be paired with other mijia Smart Home products and has a large digital screen that displays essential information.

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