Xiaomi evolves and automates Miui with custom automatic tasks

We already know the functions and features of Miui 12.5; However, it seems that Xiaomi never rests and, apparently, we will soon know of new updates and improvements that will be presented in the Miui 13 , which will very surely see the light in 2022.

Automations and automatic tasks in Miui

automatic tasks miui

Thanks to Miuies we have images of what the future of automations will be on our mobile phones . You may have ever thought about deactivating bluetooth or lowering the brightness when your battery is low, because when Xiaomi implements this new update, your phone will do it for you .

The new 100% automatic functions from Xiaomi

Everything indicates that at least in China that function can be added even by voice commands , as images have been leaked in the Miui code.

On this occasion, we bring you a new function that will be added to the Miui options and with which we can add new tasks in a more visual way .

add task miui

  • If a condition occurs , for example: on the battery, charging, you have a call, open an application, turn off the wifi, etc.
  • An action is created ! Which also has endless options, for example, lower brightness, put dark mode, put airplane mode, disconnect bluetooth, etc.

automatic tasks in xiaomi

Other examples of automatic tasks in Miui 13

"You can activate the < Do not disturb > mode from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM." Then, the device will ask us: "Do you want to create this function?"

This is an example of what we mean by automation . In summary, more and more we will have the ability to configure our device, through Miui, in order to carry out certain actions automatically ; based on what we have indicated.

Thus, we will have the ability to open apps at certain times, such as Spotify, YouTube, Netflix or any other ; and even connect them with Bluetooth devices; or with conditions such as:

  • "When the phone has x% battery".
  • "After a certain hour."
  • "Once I unplug the headphones."
  • "When turning on the smartphone."

miui 13 task

As we can see, these are functions that will facilitate the use and customization of various functions of our device ; based on "if so ...", "then" commands; expanding the possibilities, many that we have not mentioned, but that will be available. As we see, Xiaomi continues to be at the forefront, paying attention to the needs of its users and constantly implementing innovations .

Previously you had to download applications that perform this type of task functions, although not all of them worked and those that did cost a lot of money.


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